Studies in the Social Sciences (SitSS) is an open-access journal published by the University College at the University of West Georgia. The Journal is provides a forum for peer-reviewed research for academia in all social sciences, including political science, sociology, criminology, mass communications, anthropology, psychology, economics, history, geography, and all others. We invite the submission of the highest quality research that incorporates practical advice to stakeholders, decision makers, and leaders and groups that seek the advancement of human society and the elevation of the human condition. Studies in the Social Sciences serves the interdisciplinary mission of the University. We particularly encourage work that is committed to the concept of both micro and macro level responsible research.

The Evolving Principles of Responsible Research

The responsible conduct of research is based on fundamental human values, wherever it is based. First, research must be honest: that is, research and the dissemination of results must be open, full, and without deception; we must disseminate the results of the research into the hands of those who can use it to make a difference and we must safeguard it from those who would use it to do harm.

Second, research must be fair: we must treat colleagues and students without bias, giving credit where it is due (and not giving it when it is not), and mentoring students equally whatever their background, gender, or national origin. Responsible research should be inclusive of underrepresented groups and people as both researchers and stakeholders.

Third, when we research, we must look beyond our preconceptions and we must privilege observation and empirical evidence: that is, we must be objective. Although we are all inherently biased, we can overcome those biases when we acknowledge them. We must also be skeptical, and constantly reexamine and re-test our results. We must take nothing as a given.

Research must be reliable – that is, the methods must be replicable – and it must be accountable to other researchers. Our findings and our data must be openly available and we must safeguard against microethical concerns.

Finally, research must be socially responsible; that is, it should be explicit in its efforts to improve upon the human condition and to safeguard human society. That is, research should also focus on macroethical concerns.

Studies in the Social Sciences is currently recruiting Editorial Board members as well as an Associate Editor primarily responsible for book reviews.

To apply for Editorial Board membership, please email or and include the following information:

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The preferred method of submission is electronic. Contributors submit their manuscripts via email to the Editor at Two versions of the manuscript should be prepared in MS Word format and labeled “identifiable” and “anonymous”. The “anonymous” version should remove all author(s) identifying information. The body of the e-mail message (or separate attachment) for submission should include for all author(s) their (1) institutional or organizational affiliation; (2) current position or rank; (3) e-mail address, and (4) contact telephone number. For hard copy submission, please contact the Editor.
The SitSS prefers manuscripts that are in the range of 20 to 30 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font, standard 8.5 X 11 inch paper). Shorter or longer manuscripts will be evaluated regarding whether the length is justified before being sent out for external review. All graphs, maps, tables, and figures should be numbered consecutively on separate pages at the end of the manuscript and their position indicated at the appropriate places within the text (i.e. [Insert Table 1 here]). Please use explanatory footnotes rather than endnotes. The American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines should be followed for citations and references (see link to APA style manual). Please include a brief abstract (150 words or less) that describes the problem, the analytical approach, and the findings of the paper. Manuscripts that do not meet the formatting and submission guidelines will not be sent out for external review.
The SitSS publishes reviews of scholarly books. Unsolicited reviews are welcome; however, potential authors are encouraged to obtain prior approval and guidelines from the Editor.

Dr. Heather A. D. Mbaye, Ph.D., Editor, University of West Georgia

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