The Thomas B. Murphy Center for Public Service is a non-partisan, educational and public service organization at the University of West Georgia that promotes student and citizen involvement in the community and government.  The Murphy Center for Public Service supports civic education by sponsoring a broad range of events that encourage public awareness and participation in the governing process in keeping with the ideals of former Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives Thomas B. Murphy.

The Murphy Center for Public Service partnered with the Carrollton/Carroll County League of Women Voters, and the UWG Political Science Club to conduct its annual voter registration drive on the University of West Georgia campus. Several student volunteers from the Department of Political Science received training on how to complete the voter registration forms and then set up registration tables on campus.


The Murphy Center for Public Service objectives include 1) Provide learning opportunities for students to develop the techniques necessary to promote effective government 2) Develop and implement projects that bridge the gap between citizens and their government leaders 3) Create resources for community development and improvement 4) Provide services to help state, local and regional governments better serve their citizens 5) Encourage the creation of an environment where citizens, students and members of the university community can work together to address their mutual concerns.


The following are a sampling of the activities sponsored by the Murphy Center for Public Service: The Murphy Center engages in voter registration drives before each major election and often presents a “Public Citizen Award” to an individual who has had a career dedicated to public service. The Murphy Center also organizes forums on a wide variety of issues that impact the region and state. During the Georgia State Legislatures session, the Murphy Center sponsors a student trip to the Georgia state capitol, which allows students to witness their state government in action.