• The Basics

    The Basics

    • Why should I come to the University Writing Center (UWC)?

      The UWC helps students improve their writing skills from any class, because it is an extension of the classroom setting. 

    • Who can utilize the UWC?

      Any student registered and enrolled at UWG for the current semester can use the University Writing Center.  

    • Where is the UWC?

      The UWC is located in TLC, room 1201. 

      If you are not familiar with the TLC building, just look for the mural (see below).



  • Appointments


    • Are appointments required?

      Yes, we cannot guarantee that walk-ins will be able to see a tutor.

    • How to make an appointment?

      Call us at (678) 839-6513, e-mail us at writing@westga.edu, or stop by at TLC, room 1201.

    • What happens during an appointment?

      The student's concerns and questions will be answered by a professional in the field of writing during a 30-minute session.

    • How many appointments a week can a student schedule?

      Three appointments in one week is the limit.

    • What should a student bring to an appointment?

      The prompt/directions for the writing assignment as well as any amount of writing completed.


  • Writing Help

    Writing Help

    • What types of writing does the UWC help with?

      We can help students from any discipline with any writing concern or issue. 

    • Does the UWC offer group sessions?

      No, we do not offer group sessions.

    • Can the UWC help with citations?

      Yes, we can. MLA is the citation style most familiar to the tutors, but they can also help with APA and Chicago.

    • Can the UWC help with grammar?

      Yes, but we do not proofread or edit essays. 

    • What if English is not my first language or I have a documented learning disability?

      You may schedule an hour appointment, so you have extra time to cover your writing concerns.


  • Miscellaneous


    • Who will lead the appointment?

      An English faculty member or an English graduate student.

    • Can I request a particular consultant?


    • Will my professor know that I have come to the UWC?

      Yes, they have access to our system, but you should also ask for a verification slip before leaving the UWC.

    • What happens if campus closes due to weather or other events?

      If campus is closed for any reason, we are closed.