Lambda is the University of West Georgia's LGBTQ student organization. We advocate for queer students on campus, educate the university population about LGBTQ issues, and provide safe space for members. We intend to make UWG a welcoming, supportive environment for everyone associated with the queer community, including those of us who are trans, non-binary, asexual, intersex, pansexual, and allies.

We meet every Wednesday at 6:15pm in Pafford 204. Everyone is welcome at all meetings!

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  • Executive Board

    President: Vanessa Blanks email

    Vice-President: Theresa Rochowski

    Secretary: Thalia Young

    Treasurer: Jaden Davis

    Programming: Machale Jones

    Faculty Advisor: Matt Franks email

  • About Lambda

    In 1971, at what was then West Georgia College, students and faculty member Dr. Ara Dostourian began a GLBT activist organization in coordination with a similar group in Atlanta. They were inspired by the Stonewall Riots in New York, NY and the related organization of pride marches across the country. Under the guidance of Dr. Dostourian, the organization strived to fight for equal rights for GLBT persons, to create positive visibility on the West Georgia College campus, and to improve the lives of GLBT persons in the campus community.

    The organization has survived on campus since then, in one form or another, though it has undergone many changes in advisorship, name, level of outreach and support, and membership.

    Most recently, from the mid 90's to the present, our organization has undergone some serious changes in name, structure and purpose. We have developed from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, to the Gay Bisexual Straight Alliance, to our current name: Lambda. Lambda's mission is still inspired by the original ideals of the organization started by Dr. Dostourian; however, Lambda is directed by three main focuses developed in the past few years: education, outreach, and support. Until 2001, these alone were Lambda's constitution. They came to inspire the mission and purpose set out in Lambda's current constitution.

    Currently, Lambda has a strong but broad mission. Lambda seeks to foster and create an open, honest and supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and questioning persons and their allies in and around the State University of West Georgia. In order to do this, Lambda seeks to promote education of LGBT history, rights, struggles, and issues; to celebrate the diversity that exists among the UWG community; and to inspire understanding and acceptance, especially of LGBTQ persons. Additionally, we strive to create an active and dynamically supportive environment for LGBTQ persons to attend. This is largely carried out by our weekly meetings.

  • Constitution
    1. Article I. NAME
      1. The name of the organization shall be Lambda.
    2. Article II. ORDER
      1. The organization of Lambda shall be run in accordance to the Robert's Official Rules of Order, unless otherwise specified in the bylaws and/or Lambda constitution.

    3. Article III. PURPOSE
      1. Section 1.
        1. Lambda fosters and promotes an open and honest environment for homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, questioning, and trans-gendered students, partners, faculty, staff and supporters in the University of West Georgia community. Lambda promotes equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the UWG community and encourages advocacy and activism to achieve its goals. Lambda also provides the UWG community with opportunities for education, discussions, social services, peer support, and general resources based upon the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and straight ally (GLBTQIA) lifestyle, history, culture, and struggles.
      2. Section 2.
        1. Lambda shall achieve its goals each academic year by continuing the following agenda:
          1. 1. Host weekly meetings. These meetings shall be open to any and all students, faculty members, staff members, and members of the local community (so long as those members are determined to be well meaning).
          2. 2. Promote a positive visibility in the community.
          3. 3. Encourage a sense of community among all GLBTQIA members as well as among the friends/supporters of GLBTQIA members.
          4. 4. Organize educational forums and seminars to help foster equality and understanding in the UWG community about issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.
          5. 5. Get involved and coordinate with other university organizations in order to establish and maintain a broader community of understanding and equality on campus.
      3. Section 3.
        1. By recognizing diversity within the community of which it serves, Lambda shall maintain a policy of comprehensive inclusion and representation. Lambda shall respect and embrace the cultural diversity existing on campus. Lambda shall also offer a fundamentally safe place at the University of West Georgia to be a member in the GLBTQIA community.
    4. Article IV. MEMBERSHIP
      1. Section 1.
        1. 1. Lambda shall have General and Official membership, which includes but is not limited to, UWG students, faculty, and staff. Lambda shall actively encourage and pursue gender equality and ethnic diversity on campus. Membership in Lambda shall not be contingent upon sexual orientation.
        2. 2. As pertaining to the University of West Georgia's set regulations, at least 85% of the recorded membership must be registered students.
        3. 3. Not attending first meeting does not affect membership qualifications of anyone in case of confusion with Drop/Add week.
      2. Section 2.
        1. 1. General Membership
          1. A. GM is open to all currently registered students, faculty, and staff, if so designated by the Executive Board.
          2. B. One must have attended at least two weekly meetings per semester to be considered a GM.
          3. C. A GM may participate in committees, event planning, and other group activities.
          4. D. GM may have voting rights after attending at least four consecutive meetings per semester (at least 2 consecutive), unless determined otherwise by the Executive Board.
        2. 2. Official Membership
          1. A. OM is open to any and all students, faculty, and staff who have paid dues (established by the current exec board) for the current academic year, and meet all the qualities of a general member.
          2. B. Officers may establish dues for OM at the beginning of the academic year.
          3. C. OM are eligible for committee chairmanship, co-chairmanship, elected office, and have voting rights.
          4. D. Attendance of at least 2 Lambda functions will be accepted in place of membership dues.
          5. Note: A list of all members will be kept confidential. This list shall serve for the sole purpose of dictating during elections as to who has voting rights and who does not. Lambda shall not include alumni, students on leave, nor community members into their official school roster, however, shall allow for aforementioned unregistered members to participate in the same events and functions on a separate roster for Lambda's appreciation and recognition potluck announcements.
    5. Article V. EXECUTIVE BOARD
      1. Section 1. Officer Positions
        1. 1. Co-Presidents (one male and one female)
        2. 2. Vice-President
        3. 3. Secretary
        4. 4. Treasurer
        5. 5. Campus Education Coordinator/Public Relations Officer
      2. Section 2. General Officer Guidelines
        1. 1. Elected officers will be responsible for upholding the Lambda Constitution and abiding by the UWG regulations at all times.
        2. 2. Officers may choose to swap tasks to accommodate preferences and skills.
        3. 3. Officers will meet at least once a week in conjunction with general meetings; in order to coordinate activities for the upcoming general meeting as well as decide upon future events.
        4. 4. Officers must maintain open, honest, and constant contact with each other and Lambda's advisors.
        5. 5. Officers will be responsible for helping manage Lambda's office. Office hours will be established for the Executive Board based on the current exec board.
      3. Section 3. Duties and Powers
        1. 1. Co-Presidents
          1. A. There will be two positions: one male Co-President as well as one female Co-President.
            1. i. The gender for the position a person may run for is determined by the declared identity of the candidate.
            2. ii. The declared identity of the candidate shall be reflected by the gender registered with UWG, gender specific or neutral housing placement, requested pronoun use, etc.
          2. B. Both shall have equal power and authority.
          3. C. Both shall have authority to serve in absence of the other.
          4. D. Both shall assist each other and coordinate efforts.
          5. E. Both shall be responsible for presiding over weekly meetings.
          6. F. Both shall ensure all activities of Lambda fall within the organizational goals as stated in the Constitution.
          7. G. Both shall ensure that group activities and functions are properly managed and abide by SUWG guidelines and regulations.
          8. H. Both shall be the official representatives of Lambda in business and public opinion. Likewise, the Co-Presidents will make decisions for the organization in cases of emergency.
          9. I. Both shall create committees as needed.
          10. J. Both shall assign the duties of officers, if positions are vacant or responsibilities are unfulfilled, and call for elections if necessary.
          11. K. Both shall establish and maintain communication between all committees, the general group body, and the officers.
          12. L. Both shall formulate a yearly agenda for Lambda, such as a list of planned activities and events. Goals and priorities will also be determined.
          13. M. In the event any other executive board member resigns from their position, all of the board will share duties as a combined executive board until positions are filled.
        2. 2. Vice-President
          1. A. Help maintain communication between the members, the executive board, and the advisors.
          2. B. Help maintain contact with the alumni.
          3. C. Assist in organizing fundraising activities for the year.
          4. D. Organize and manage programs to poll and keep record of GLBTQIA life on the UWG campus.
            1. For example: surveys, interviews, testimonies, etc.
          5. E. Maintain contact with other university organizations by encouraging joint work and activities. Inform them of seminars and activities that may be equally beneficial for both organizations.
          6. F. In the event of a president's resigning of his/her role, then the vice president will keep their same title, but also maintain official duties (i.e. Paperwork) for the absence of a president.
        3. 2. Secretary / Parliamentarian
          1. A. Maintain the Lambda records:
            1. -Minutes for executive and committee meetings.
            2. -Records and information regarding activities and events.
            3. -Attendance at meetings and events
            4. -Records of members who have paid dues
          2. B. Maintain records of General and Official members, committee chairmanships, and officer boards.
          3. C. Be responsible for updating and coordinating the organization's website.
          4. D. Maintain contact with alumni.
        4. 3. Treasurer
          1. A. Oversee finances of Lambda for the year.
          2. B. Set up a budget for the year.
          3. C. Oversee the monetary aspects of fundraising activities.
          4. D. Compile and present a financial report to the advisors and the Executive Board.
          5. E. Collect dues from the OM and report a list of paying members to the Secretary.
          6. F. Maintain constant contact with Executive Board regarding the funds, with a clear report of the distribution of the funds.
        5. 4. Campus Education Coordinator/Public Relations Officer
          1. A. Organize and manage class discussions throughout the year.
          2. B. Organize campus forums and events providing an education of understanding and outreach for those who may be in need.
          3. C. Promote and suggest group activities for providing further education and outreach.
            1. i. For example: lock-ins, hiking trips, trips to the mall, community service opportunities, etc.
          4. D. Promote and increase publicity of Lambda by distributing flyers, newspaper ads, and other advertising possibilities.
          5. E. Maintaining awareness around campus of our organization. For example: our duties, activities, and general presence around campus.
      4. Section 4. Terms of Office
        1. 1. All officers shall serve one full academic year, beginning at the start of the Fall Semester and ending at the closing of Summer Sessions.
        2. 2. If an officer resigns from his/her position, the officer must give the advisors and the Executive Board sufficient notice of his/her resignation. An announcement will then be made during a general meeting to inform the members. Within the next two weeks, an election shall be held to fill the position for the remainder of the academic year.
        3. 3. All officers shall attend meetings. Officers shall not miss more than two meetings per semester, unless officer communicates to the Executive Board any anticipated absences, and have the acceptance of 3/5 of exec board. May only have 2 unexcused absences, and no more than 3 excused absences unless agreed beforehand by executive board.
        4. 4. Officers shall maintain consistent membership in at least one other recognized student organization (or an on campus position that shows involvement in the community). This membership will assist in linking the organization with Lambda for cooperative endeavors.
      5. Section 5. Elections
        1. 1. Elections will take place in the first or second week of April, and must be ended by April 15, before the group reregisters. Sufficient public notice must be made for ALL elections whether annual elections or those called by the President/s.
        2. 2. During elections, one may run for multiple positions on the Executive Board. However, a person may only serve as an officer for a single position on the Executive Board.
        3. 3. Candidates may officially nominate themselves for a position at an election meeting (but must have given prior notice to the exec board that you are running).
        4. 4. Candidates must be prepared to prove their ability to serve and improve the desired position.
        5. 5. Candidates must be registered students and must be planning to remain as registered students for the duration of their term in office, a full academic year.
        6. 6. Officers shall be elected by a 50% majority plus one vote. The vote will consist of those members who hold voting rights. (Ex. person A=4 votes, person B=2 votes, person C=3 votes, i.e. the election must continue between person A and C because majority vote wasn't reached)
        7. 7. A voter may only vote for one candidate per position. Every vote counts equally.
        8. 8. At any elections, at least one advisor and one executive board member shall collect and tabulate the votes.
        9. 9. Candidates may vote for themselves, but must wait outside of the voting area until all of the debate and discussion is over.
        10. 10. Current officers must create time in order to train their replacing officers on performing their duties and responsibilities. This must occur before the following academic school year begins.
        11. 11. All elections shall be done by a closed ballot voting.
        12. 12. Candidates must announce their intent to run and "register" for each position they seek at least one week prior to elections.
        13. 13. Any and all campaigning for a given position, including speeches, shall be made in the time leading up to the election of at least one week. Meeting time shall be allotted to anyone wishing to make a speech at any time between the announcement of reelections and the election itself.
        14. 14. A candidate's absence on voting day, for any reason, shall not impede the election process.
        15. 15. Candidates may not run for more than a maximum of 2 positions.
        16. 16. Candidates must be an official member of Lambda in order to run for office, unless deemed acceptable by ? of the current exec board.
      6. Section 6. Impeachment
        1. 1. An officer may be impeached by a two-thirds majority vote in the general assembly held by the voting members of Lambda, the advisors of Lambda, and the remaining Executive Board members.
        2. 2. Impeachment shall occur for any of the following violations:
          1. A. Repeated and documented failure to complete tasks for a given position as outlined in the Constitution. Documentation shall be filed with the Secretary and entered into the organization's records.
          2. B. Failure to regularly attend executive board meetings and/ or general assembly meetings except in cases involving sudden illness or hospitalization, death or illness in the family, or prior given notice that is to be approved by ? of the Executive Board, etc.
          3. C. Defamation of Lambda, the official positions, officers, or members in a public forum.
      7. Section 7.
        1. Officers may create temporary positions, with approval from the Co-Presidents, to assist in performing the duties of office.
    6. Article VI. COMMITTEES
      1. Section 1.
      2. Lambda shall form standing committees to manage and coordinate on going projects of the organization.
        1. 1. Committees are mostly social/main events.
          1. A. Committees shall be lead by either an officer or an official member designated by Executive Board.
          2. B. These committees shall be responsible for maintaining regular group events as well as charity events.
          3. C. Events, such as the following, may have a committee:
            1. i. Fall/Spring Festivals
            2. ii. Homecoming Activities
            3. iii. Holiday Activities
            4. iv. National Coming Out Day
            5. v. Day of Silence
            6. vi. Atlanta Pride
            7. vii. World Aids Day/ AIDS Walk
            8. viii. Ovarian Cancer Walk
            9. ix. Transgender Remembrance Day
            10. x. Fundraising Events
            11. xi. Other Events, as determined by Lambda
          4. D. Similar events may be grouped together in a committee for efficiency purposes. For example: AIDS Walk and the Ovarian Cancer Walk may be placed under a single committee.
          5. E. Committees shall be responsible for encouraging and suggesting social and public activities.
          6. F. Because some of the events organized by the committees fall into the agendas of some of the officers, those officers are expected to actively guide and participate in the committee.
      3. Section 2.
        1. General Guidelines for Committees are as follows:
        2. 1. All committees shall elect a chair and co-chair. Upon approval by the Executive Board, the chair and co-chair shall be responsible for management of the committee's activities.
        3. 2. Chairs shall be responsible for providing reports of committee progress to Lambda Executive Board and Members
        4. 3. Committees shall meet, preferably, at least once a week and must schedule regular meetings as necessary.
    7. Article VII. MEETINGS
      1. Lambda shall host weekly meetings at a regular time and place as determined by the Executive Board.
    8. Article VIII. AMENDMENTS
      1. 1. Any amendments to Lambda's Constitution may be suggested by a member, an officer, or an advisor.
      2. 2. The proposed amendment must be submitted to the Co-Presidents in writing.
      3. 3. The proposed amendment shall then be discussed at an Executive Board meeting and at least one general weekly meeting. Voting shall occur no later than two weeks after proposal of amendment.
        1. A. Proper notification to all members, officers, and advisors must occur.
        2. B. The amendment must be put into effect immediately, unless directly stated otherwise.
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    • 678-839-5352
    • Row Hall - Room 202
    • Office Hours
      Monday: 4pm-5pm
      Tuesday: 9-10:30am, 2:30-4:30pm
      Wednesday: 12:15-1:30pm
      Thursday: 1-5:30PM
      Friday: 12-3pm
  • Upcoming Events
    We have a UWG campus pride fest every Fall, and a drag show every spring. Check out our facebook page for more info!