University of West Georgia Visual Identity and Licensing Guidelines

The Visual Identity and Licensing Guidelines have been developed to protect the integrity of the university logos. Guidelines are not intended to restrict use, but to ensure appropriately tasteful application of the university’s wordmarks and logos.  Brand Basics (pdf)

University of West Georgia Campus Advertising, Sales and Solicitation Policy

The University Advertising, Sales, and Solicitation Policy is to ensure compliance with Board of Regents policy regarding business activities and to exercise the required control and supervision on the campus of the University of West Georgia.

Sales and Solicitation Policy Registered Student Organizations Policies

The Registered Student Organizations Handbook (PDF)  details the policies for:

  • Posting/Display Policies (pg16)
  • Advertising, Sales, and Solicitation Policy (pg21)
  • Alcoholic Beverage Policy (pg28)
  • Facilities Reservation Procedure (pg40)

Tailgating Policies & Procedures

Tailgating has long been a tradition with sporting events, especially on the collegiate level.  Nothing is better than gathering with other Wolves fans, fellow classmates, alumni, friends, or family before home athletic events. Please follow our Tailgating Policies & Procedures while at UWG.