DevelopWest is a professional development initiative that can be accessed from the convenience of your computer.  DevelopWest supports your training and professional development needs through innovative, online learning that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With DevelopWest, you can access a diverse library of content that encompasses 3,000 courses and 24,000 e-books.

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Learning Expedition 2017 

Join us as we embark on a "Journey of Learning" in 2017.  Use the the course hyperlinks or the DevelopWest id's (below) to search for and access past topics/courses in DevelopWest to embark on your journey!  In order to search DevelopWest using the hyperlinks or DevelopWest id's, you should already be logged into the DevelopWest system prior to clicking on the links below.  

It's not too late to get started on your "Journey of Learning."  We hope you Learn some new skills, Grow both personally and professionally and Achieve your goals!

If you'd like to save these courses to your Learning Plan within DevelopWest, please use these instructions.

  • Customer Service (November)

    Customer Service (November)

    1. Identifying and Managing Customer Expectations
      (DevelopWest ID:  cust_10_a01_bs_enus)
    2. Developing Your Customer Focus
      (DevelopWest ID:  _pc_ch_pach009)
    3. Customer Service Management Training 101:  Quick and Easy Techniques That Get Great Results
      (DevelopWest ID:  43860)


  • Writing Skills (December)

    Writing Skills (December)

    1. Clarity and Conciseness in Business Writing
      (DevelopWest ID:  comm_51_a02_bs_enus)
    2. Editing and Proofreading Business Documents
      (DevelopWest ID:  comm_51_a03_bs_enus)
    3. Written Communication
      (DevelopWest ID:  _pc_ch_pach015)


User Job Aids

User Instructions for the Catalog (PDK, 153K)
User Instructions for Monitoring Progress & Printing a Certificate of Completion (PDF, 172K)
User Instructions for My Plan (PDF, 169K)
Printing a Training Certificate for an Employee (PDF, 552K)

Manager Job Aids

Assigning Training Modules to Users (PDF, 785K)
Instructions for Training Reports (PDK, 428K)
Creating Reports for Specific Users (PDF, 656K)

Other Professional Development Opportunities

UWG Online Faculty Development
Atomic Learning
UWG Continuing Education

DevelopWest Tips

Did you know that managers can assign content to their employees, require their participation, set due dates and run reports to track progress?