In response to the 2010 President's Special Commission to Improve Graduation Rates, the Division of Business and Finance has developed a new employee orientation program that communicates the expectations about each individual’s role to understand and actively support the culture of success, and to clearly define ways that each employee can intentionally engage in activities directly related to student success in their own position.

Beginning in January 2012, the new employee orientation program otherwise referred to as INSPIRE, will target all new full time employees within the Division of Business and Finance.  All new employees will:

  • Receive a standard orientation form that guides them through key information and policies within the Employee Handbook, the Business and Finance User Guide, and accessing required training.
  • Receive a mission statement card that explains how the mission of Division of Business and Finance supports the overall mission of the University of West Georgia.
  • Be assigned a mentor that will assist them in becoming better acclimated to the UWG working environment.
  • Receive a temporary parking permit, map, and tour of the campus to familiarize them with key buildings and locations.
  • Receive a welcome packet containing UWG promotional materials along with information on employee benefits and opportunities.
  • Be encouraged to participate in such student-focused events as Fall Move-In, Campus Orientation, Preview Days, Home Coming, A-Day, and Graduation within their first six months of employment.
  • Be invited to meet with the Vice-President of Business and Finance within the first month of employment to reinforce the division's mission and their role in actively supporting the culture of success.

INSPIRE is an acronym that stands for:

  • Instill the mission and vision of UWG and the Division of Business and Finance.
  • Nurture and foster a community environment through mentoring.
  • Succeed - In order to achieve student success, staff must also be successful in the policies, processes, and programs that they are being trained to administer.
  • Prepare - Provide staff with the tools and training necessary to be productive and successful.
  • Involve - Get involved in a student-focused event.
  • Recognize and welcome a new employee.
  • Empower a new employee to make a difference at work and in the UWG community. 

One of the core value statements adopted by the President's Special Commission to Improve Graduation Rates is:

Student success is the product of shared, serious, and sustained effort of each member of the West Georgia Community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators).

The Division of Business and Finance believes it is in support of this statement and the commission's recommendation through the introduction of the new employee orientation program - INSPIRE.