Below you'll find everything you need to know about what happens after you travel with the University of West Georgia.

If you have any questions, please email us or call us.

  • Lodging Information - Domestic and International

    The traveler’s destination must be located more than 50 miles from both their primary work site and residence. If lodging is required within a 50 miles radius, submit written pre-approval from the Department’s Vice President/Dean with the reimbursement request. List separately all ancillary charges on the expense report.

    Include an itemized lodging receipt with the following:

        • Traveler’s Name
        • Name and City/State of lodging facility (Country, if International Travel)
        • Arrival/Departure Date
        • Daily Room Rate
        • Breakout of ancillary charges (parking, room service, wifi or movies, etc.)
        • Applicable taxes
          • State of Georgia – exemption of occupancy tax
          • Out-of-State – breakout of total tax

    Also include a total paid and zero-balance receipt.

  • Vehicle Rental Information - Domestic and International
    Vehicle Rental Information - Domestic and International

    Please remember to use the Statewide Contract Vendors must be used to seek reimbursement. Renting outside of the contracted vendor will not be reimbursed.

    • In-state travel - Hertz and Enterprise can be used
    • Out-of-state travel - Hertz only

    Itemized receipts must include:

    • Traveler’s name
    • Name and address of the vendor
    • Date rented/Date returned
    • Daily rental rate
    • Number of days rented
    • Detailed breakout of fees and taxes
    • Proof of purchase
    • Total amount paid for vehicle rental
  • Complete Expense Report
    Complete Expense Report

    As of February 1, 2018, all faculty and staff expense reports must be submitted electronically with all supporting documents attached only. We will no longer accept paper submissions.

    • Complete Expense Report electronically (Campus Wide)
    • Attach all applicable receipts, forms, and any other supporting documents to the report
    • Conference agenda is required for conferences to determine if meals were provided
    • If a receipt ($25 and greater) is lost, complete the Missing Receipt Form and attach to electronic expense report.
    • The Traveler must submit the expense report, not a delegate. A delegate can create and save an expense report, but the traveler must submit. If the report is not submitted by the traveler, Travel Services will send the report back to the traveler to submit.
    • PeopleSoft Self Service

    As directed by the Georgia Office of Planning and Budget, expense reports should be submitted for approval as soon as possible but not to exceed forty-five (45) calendar days after return from travel.

    • Expense reports submitted between 45-60 calendar days will require the completion of the 45 Day Exception Form.
    • Expenses submitted in excess of 60 calendar days, in reimbursed, will require the completion of the 45 Day Exception Form and will be included on the traveler's W-2 form as taxable income.

    Note: Travelers will be reimbursed for their own expenses and not for the expense incurred on behalf of another employee. Department approved justification can be submitted for consideration of reimbursement for expenses paid on behalf of another. It is highly recommended that the department or the traveler maintain a copy of their expense report and all supporting documents (in their original form) for 24 months after the submission date in case an auditor requests backup.

  • Reconciling Cash Advance
    • Upon return from the trip, the employee must reconcile the cash advance using the online expense report. The employee must report all expenditures and turn in all receipts associated to the trip.      
    • Any unused cash advance funds must be returned at the time the online expense report is submitted. Unused cash advance funds should be submitted to Travel Services for completing a deposit form. The deposit form and money will then be sent to the Cashier's Window for processing. The Cashiers will send the deposit receipt to Travel Services to reconcile the Cash Advance.
    • Any funds expended in excess of the cash advance will be reimbursed to the employee once the online expense report is processed.
  • Receipts

    Travelers must always obtain receipts, except when per diem travel allowances are claimed. Not all receipts must be submitted with a travel expense report, but may be requested for verification or audit. Itemized receipts should include:

    • Name and address of the vendor

    • Date of service

    • Description of goods/service

    • Amount paid for each individual item

    In the absence of actual receipts, credit card statements may be acceptable in lieu of actual receipts.

    Receipts are required with the travel expense report for the following expenses, regardless of dollar amount:

    • Airline fares

    • Hotel expenses

    • Rental car expenses

    • Breakfast, luncheon, or dinner meetings unless claiming a per diem

    • Rail Fares (Amtrak or similar rail transportation)

    • Registration Fees

    • Visa/Passport fees

    No expense should be approved if a required receipt is missing.

    Receipts are not required for the following expenses if individual amounts are less than $25:

    • Gasoline purchased for rental vehicles

    • Parking

    • Highway tolls

    • Mass Transit tickets

    • Taxi fares

    • Airport vans

  • PeopleSoft Upgrade Job Aids
  • Paperless Travel Expense Report Job Aids