Below you'll find everything you need to know about preparing to travel with the University of West Georgia.

If you have any questions, please email us or call us.

  • Obtain travel authorization form

    Normally a Travel Authorization is not required to be submitted with an employee or non-employee travel, except the following reasons for traveling.

    • Student Group Travel (include student addendum)
    • Candidate Travel
    • Direct Bill for Local Hotels
    • Study Abroad Travel
    • Prepaid airfare thru West Georgia Travel agency contract
    • Fiscal year end travel fund encumbrance process
    • If your department head requires a travel authorization to be submitted with any travel expense.

    Employee Travel Authorization Form

     Non Employee Travel Authorization

  • Determine mode of transportation


    West Georgia Travel

    With proper documentation and department approval, the traveler can receive reimbursement for airfare prior to actual travel.

    Direct Bill for airfare is available through West Georgia Travel:

    • Traveler contacts West Georgia Travel (WGT) for a flight quote
    • Traveler emails an approved travel authorization to WGT
    • WGT will send an invoice and the travel authorization to the Controller’s Office to pay directly

    Reservation Information

    • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am-5:00 pm
    • Friday: By phone or email

    Contact Information

    Office Information

    • Address: 547 Newnan Street, Carrollton, GA 30117
    • Phone: (770) 836-8200
    • Fax: (770) 832-8896

     If a traveler wants to pay for their own airfare and seek reimbursement before or after traveling, the below information is required.

    Minimum receipt requirement for airfare: 

        • Traveler’s Name
        • Name of airfare provider
        • Departure and Return date/time/location
        • Airfare rate
        • Airfare ticket number for PeopleSoft entry
        • Breakout of applicable taxes
        • Total Paid Receipt
        • Proof of purchase
        • Type of Seating (coach, economy, etc.)

    Note: Additional upgrade fees for reserved or priority seating are a non-reimbursable expense.

    Baggage Fees

    Receipts are required for baggage fees of $25 or more.


    Ground Transportation

    The State requires employees who travel to determine the most Cost Effective Form of travel from the following alternatives:

    UWG Fleet Vehicle

    UWG Facilities and Grounds

    • Phone: (678) 839-6576 or -96576
    Car Rental Information

    In-State Car Rental options:

    • Enterprise: Account # 03WESTG 
      • Carrollton Office Phone: (770) 832-1330
      • Corporate Phone: 1 (800) Rent-A-Car
    • Hertz: Account # 2018752
      • Corporate Phone: 1 (800) 654-3131

    The university system currently has mandatory contracts for rentals originating within the State of Georgia with Enterprise and Hertz. Using any other rental company will result in no reimbursement.

    Out-of-State Car Rental:

    • Hertz: Account # 2018752
      • Corporate Phone: 1 (800) 654-3131

    The university system has a mandatory contract with Hertz for rentals originating outside the state. Using any other rental company than Hertz will result in no reimbursement.

    Car rental receipts must be submitted regardless of amount. Itemized receipts must include:

    • Name and address of the vendor
    • Traveler’s Name
    • Dates and Time of Service
    • Daily Rental Rate and number of days rented
    • Detailed breakdown of fees and taxes
    • Total Paid Receipt
    • Proof of Purchase
    Personal Vehicle - Mileage Reimbursement

    Reimbursement rates are: (As of January 1, 2018)

    • Tier One Rate: 0.545
    • Tier Two Rate: 0.18

    Under 250 miles round-trip, the traveler may utilize their personal vehicle and claim Tier 1 mileage reimbursement without cost comparison.

    At 250-300 miles round-trip, the traveler may utilize a personal vehicle and claim Tier 1 mileage assuming a UWG Fleet vehicle is not available. The traveler’s department should maintain documentation of this determination for audit purposes.

    If another method of travel is the most cost advantageous form of travel, but a personal motor vehicle is used, the reimbursement rate will be Tier 2. If the traveler has a business need to drive his/her own personal vehicle, written pre-approval by the Department manager is required for the Tier 1 reimbursement rate.

  • Register for the event, conference, training or retreat
    • Submit a Check Request prior to travel to prepay registration fees. 
    • Traveler can submit an expense report through PeopleSoft prior to travel for reimbursement of registration expenses.
  • Reserve lodging

    In-State Lodging

    Employees traveling on official state business, within the State of Georgia, are exempt from the county or municipal excise tax on lodging (hotel/motel or occupancy tax).

    Submit a copy of the Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption Form at check-in. If the hotel refuses to accept the form at check-in, the traveler should attempt to resolve the issue with hotel management before checking out. If the matter is unresolved by checkout, the traveler should pay the tax and submit a completed IN-STATE HOTEL/MOTEL TAX EXCEPTION FORM  when seeking reimbursement. Employees are required to pay any state/local sales and use taxes, including the State of Georgia’s $5.00 per room per night hotel tax to travelers.

    Pre-pay Option for Lodging

    Departments may request ‘pre-payment’ of lodging expenses for employee, student and non-employee travel. Lodging facility must provide a ‘pro-forma’ invoice with the following information:

    • Name and address of the lodging facility
    • Name of the traveler
    • Arrival and Departure Dates
    • Reservation confirmation number, if available
    • Detail of room lodging rate with applicable taxes/fees identified
    • Total invoice ‘pre-payment’ amount due (Minimum amount allowed: $200.00)

    If a ‘pro-forma’ invoice is not available, the lodging facility can use letterhead memorandum with the above information stated. Quotations from lodging websites, emails and third party travel services will not be acceptable for pre-payment.

    Department must verify that the lodging facility has a valid Vendor ID assigned within the PeopleSoft system. If not, the department must obtain a completed Vendor Profile and W9 Form (2014 version) to establish the Vendor Profile.

    Department will submit a Check Request Form marked as Special Handling with the following information:

    • Valid account chart-string
    • Copy of pro-forma invoice
    • Approved Travel Authorization(s)

    Submit check requests a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to traveler’s departure date to ensure a Vendor ID is established and proper documentation received. Checks issued in the name of the lodging facility are available at the Cashier’s Office in Aycock Hall for the traveler or department representative to pick up. Photo ID and signature is required to receive check. Check must be hand delivered to lodging facility at time of travel; Postal Service mailing is not an option.

    For Georgia ‘In-State’ lodging requests paid with an institutional check, state taxes are exempt. Note: Traveler will be responsible to provide both a Georgia Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate and Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate upon check-in at the lodging facility. Both forms are available on the Travel Services website under Forms.

    For ‘Out-of-State’ lodging requests paid with an institutional check, the pro-forma invoice total, including all applicable taxes, are eligible for payment. With departmental approval, the pro-forma invoice may include other lodging related reimbursable items (i.e. parking, internet, etc.). Non-reimbursable items (i.e. room service, movies, etc.) are not permissible.

    If multiple employees are traveling to the same conference or event, the department may include all travelers on one (1) Check Request; however, the lodging facility pro-forma invoice(s) should identify individual names and separate approved Travel Authorizations submitted.

    In case of an overpayment balance created by a late cancellation or rate revision, the department is responsible for obtaining the refund or difference (preferably by check) to the University of West Georgia. Lodging facilities should not refund overage amounts or offer credit balances as credits for future lodging to individuals travelers.

  • Determine meal per diem

    In-State: Georgia

    A recent change to the SAO and BOR policy allows travelers to claim 100% of the appropriate meal per diem for In-State travel.

    • Lodging location determines the appropriate per diem rate.
    • Employees are not eligible for meal reimbursement when the hotel, conference, meeting or other source provides meals (includes continental breakfast and receptions).
    Counties Full Day Rate Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    High Cost Counties: Chatham, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Glynn, Richmond $36.00 $7.00 $9.00 $20.00
    Low Cost Counties: Remaining Georgia Counties $28.00 $6.00 $7.00 $15.00
    • Counties: High Cost Counties: Chatham, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Glynn, Richmond
      Full Day Rate: $36.00
      Breakfast: $7.00
      Lunch: $9.00
      Dinner: $20.00

    • Counties: Low Cost Counties: Remaining Georgia Counties
      Full Day Rate: $28.00
      Breakfast: $6.00
      Lunch: $7.00
      Dinner: $15.00

    Out of State

  • Single-Day Travel
    • For a Single-Day Trip, employees are eligible for 100% of the total per diem if the travel was more than 50 miles from home and office, and the traveler is away for more than twelve (12) hours.
    • Traveler must include ‘start and end’ times as well as total mileage for the trip.
  • Register for PeopleSoft account
    • Employees should confirm their access to an active PeopleSoft account.