For the benefit of UWG travelers and their departments, Travel Services provides the following criteria for encumbrance of travel expenses using current budget year funding after PeopleSoft Expense Report electronic submission deadline of June 9, 2017. Encumbrances are for travel with dates that do not meet the current Fiscal year-end deadlines (noted as “special travel”).

Please estimate the expense amounts as near as possible to eliminate or reduce the risk of loss of funds:

  • If the estimated encumbered amount exceeds the actual expense amounts submitted after travel is complete.
  • If the travel is cancelled or fails to occur.

Travel Authorization Criteria:

  • For encumbrance consideration, dates of travel must range from June 1 and end on or before September 30, 2017.
  • Approved Travel Authorization must identify:
      • The name of the employee
      • The employee’s ADP number
      • The begin/end dates of travel
      • Destination
      • Purpose of travel
      • Breakout of estimated travel cost by type (lodging, meals, airfare, rental car, registration, etc.)
      • Note/Highlight on the Authorization that it is for FY17 Year-End Encumbrance.
  • Complete account chartstring(s) must be provided in Account Distribution section, with sufficient funds to pass valid budget check.
  • Total travel expense for encumbrance must be greater than $500.00 per BOR policy and should not include prepaid items. Inclusion of prepaid items will place the department at risk for dual encumbrance and ultimate loss of budgeted funds.
  • Travel Authorizations should be submitted to Office of Controller (Attn: Anita Saunders) as soon as travel is approved. Receipt deadline for encumbrance consideration is 12:00pm Noon on Monday, June 12, 2017.

Purchase Order Procedure:

  • Travel Authorizations meeting the above criteria will be encumbered by Purchasing Services Department via purchase order (PO).
  • Purchase orders require a valid PS Vendor ID to encumber funds, therefore before submitting a Travel Authorization, departments should verify that each employee has a valid PeopleSoft Vendor ID by contacting Crystal Bentley at ext. 95502 in the Office of Accounting.
  • If employee does not have a valid PS Vendor ID, the department must submit a completed Vendor Profile and W-9 Form to establish the Vendor ID to Crystal Bentley, Office of Accounting, 2nd floor of Aycock Hall.
  • The preferred method of payment for this payables process is via the Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form (ACH)
  • Once purchase order has been created, a copy will be sent to the employee and department Admin Assistant for future reference.

Procedure Following Completion of Travel:

  • Contact Anita Saunders, Manager of Travel Services, at to request PDF Employee Expense Report to be completed/submitted for reimbursement consideration.
  • Travel expenses may be reimbursed with supporting documentation up to the amount of PO encumbrance. Any additional travel expenses above the encumbered amount may be submitted for consideration via PS Expense electronic report with FY18 funds.
  • Reimbursement of approved expenses will be processed by PS Payables system check (unless using ACH direct deposit) and mailed to the address of record on employee’s Vendor Profile.