All Lodging

Upon your return, submit an itemized lodging receipt with the following:

      • Traveler’s Name
      • Name, City/State, and if international travel, Country, of lodging facility
      • Arrival/Departure Date
      • Daily Room Rate
      • Breakout of ancillary charges (parking, room service, wifi or movies, etc.)
      • Applicable taxes
          • In-State: exemption of occupancy tax 
          • Out-of-State: breakout of total tax
      • Total Paid, Zero-Balance Receipt

List ancillary charges separately on the expense report (parking, internet, etc.).

In-State Lodging

Employees traveling on official state business, within the State of Georgia, are exempt from the county or municipal excise tax on lodging (hotel/motel or occupancy tax).

Submit a copy of the Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption Form at check-in. If the hotel refuses to accept the form at check-in, the traveler should attempt to resolve the issue with hotel management before checking out. If the matter is unresolved by checkout, the traveler should pay the tax and submit a completed IN-STATE HOTEL/MOTEL TAX EXCEPTION FORM  when seeking reimbursement. Employees are required to pay any state/local sales and use taxes, including the State of Georgia’s $5.00 per room per night hotel tax to travelers.