• Power Outage
  • Back Campus Drive is ONE-WAY!
  • Sidewalk Front Campus to Maple Street
  • Construction Advisory - Power Outage

     On Tuesday December 27th, the power to the majority of campus will be turned off for a period of 4-8 hours while we do work to energize the new electrical substation.  The campus will be closed for the entire day on the 27th, so access to the buildings will not be allowed.  In preparation for this power outage please do the following: 
    1.  Turn your computer and other office equipment off before leaving for the holidays.
    2.  Remover all food from refrigerators and defrost if necessary.  (The power will be off for long enough to cause a refrigerator to defrost and allow water to get on the floor as the ice melts)

    Should you have any questions please contact Allen McManus 678-839-6371. 



  • Back Campus Drive is now ONE-WAY!

    Back Campus Drive is ONE-WAY

  • Sidewalk work
    Connecting the sidewalk from Front Campus Drive to Maple Street at University Drive

    Starting on Monday, December 12th, Facilities will be working to connect the sidewalk from the corner of Front Campus Drive to Maple Street along University drive (at the flame).  This work is expected to take a week, but it depends on the weather.

    The exit from Front Campus will remain accessible, however, please use caution in this area and obey flagman signals

    If you should have any questions, please contact Tommy Brown at 770-550-6504.