• Back Campus Drive is ONE-WAY!
  • Biology Building renovation & Expansion
  • Back Campus Drive is now ONE-WAY!

    Back Campus Drive is ONE-WAY

  • Biology Building renovation & Expansion

    Please be advised that construction is beginning on the Biology building and surrounding areas.  New sidewalks have been poured to gain access to the building.  The main entrance during construction will be relocated to the back southeast corner of the building, adjacent to the canoe storage area.  All other entrances will be blocked off for entrance and will remain available for emergency evacuation only.  Exterior signage and fencing will be installed today to re-direct pedestrians.  ADA parking spaces will remain in the same location.  

    Additionally, interior renovations are beginning.  Areas of construction will be marked with signage to direct occupants.  Please note the new location of restrooms.  The men's restroom is low located on the 2nd floor and the women's restroom is located on the 1st floor.

    As always in a construction area pay attention to your surroundings. Should you have questions please call 678-839-6371.