Greetings to our UWG Family, Exciting News! 

Central Receiving and Delivery is a designated UPS shipping site.  Departments can easily ship out items via Central Receiving and Shipping, using UPS World ship.  

All types of envelopes, parcels, and freight can be shipped from Central Receiving, and at any priority (next day etc) required.  

In addition, the university gets a statewide contract rate, so the shipping costs are less than the local UPS distribution center. Click here to fill out the Authorization form - CSRD will even come pick up the parcel for you!   

As always, if you have any questions about our new UPS shipping service, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist in any way possible.  

Central Stores, Receiving, Delivery, AND Shipping…

  • Example Order Request

    Your Central Stores Online Email Order Request

    Placed By: John Doe
    Placed By Email:
    Department: 1000000
    Charge to Account: 10500-1000000-11100-11000-714301

    Order Line Items:

    Part#        Description
    UOM  Qty
    ORDER TOTAL: $8.84

    *** Budget check OK. ***

    Charge-to account balance after this order processed: $33,978.16.

    *** END OF ORDER ***.