• Allowable Purchases

    The P-Card is to be used to purchase supplies, goods or services solely for State business purposes. Some allowable items include but are not limited to:

    • Advertising (Please attach an ad or copy of the job announcement as documentation)
    • Books, Magazines & Subscriptions (for no more than 1 year)
    • Professional Dues & Memberships (excluding Chamber of Commerce)
    • Professional Licenses
    • Supplies (Generally associated with requirements of job duties.)
    • Paper or Toner purchased from Staples
    • State Contract Items – Documentation should include contract number
    • Repairs & Maintenance
    • Rentals – non transportation
    • Software – Excluding software that interfaces with UWG systems or requires signing a contract or otherwise agreeing to terms of use such as an End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). If a contract or EULA must be agreed to, a p-card should not be used.
    • Registrations - Registration for employees and students only. If there is a separate fee for food or excursions, these items should not be charged to the p-card.
    • Non-Inventory Equipment (less than $1,000.00)
    • Declared Emergencies and Natural Disasters – Contact P-Card Administrator for permission and guidance – Requires submission of SPD Emergency Purchase Form within 72 hours
    • Student Activity Funds Only:
    • Food/Drink – Food and drink is allowed on the P-Card for Student Activities accounts; however, approval by the P-Card Administrator and the respective department Vice President on a fiscal year basis is required. Additionally, this approval is for students only and no food/drink shall be consumed by employees of the University. If the activity is not open to the entire student body (e.g. athletic teams, student clubs) additional documentation is required:
      Roster of participants showing the name and signature of each student
      Itemized receipt
      Copy of the team schedule or other documentation showing that the meal was an authorized student activity.
      Food purchased with institutional Funds form
    • Team Travel & Studies Abroad - Must be approved by p-card administrator.
  • Prohibited Purchases

    Prohibited by State and BOR Policy. These are reportable offenses:

    • Personal purchases of any kind to include items for workplace. (i.e. coffee pots, holiday decorations, greeting cards, office décor)
    • Data plans, software, or applications for non-State Entity issued devices
    • Gift Cards
    • Cash Advances
    • Purchases from any unit of the University of West Georgia (BOR restriction)
    • Foundation Account Purchases (Please review the foundation account purchase policy on the Purchasing Website) 
    • Employee travel and entertainment expenses (Please review the policies on the UWG Travel Website: http://www.westga.edu/administration/business-and-finance/controller/travel-forms.php and submit paperwork through the proper travel procedures)
    • Food/Drink (Exception is Student Activities and other pre-approved fund groups)
    • Motor Vehicle Expenses including Gasoline, Repairs & Maintenance
    • Memberships and/or fees to wholesale shopping clubs or “warehouse” type retailers
    • Alcohol or tobacco products 
    • Firearms or explosives
    • Professional services as listed in BMP Section 3.1.2 and O.C.G.A. § 14-7-2 
    • Split purchases to avoid Single or Monthly Transaction Limits
    • Sales tax

    Further Prohibited by UWG Purchasing Policy

    • Hazardous or radioactive material (unless pre-approval is given by Risk Management)
    • Computers including iPads, tablets, and laptops
    • Rolling Stock (includes trailers, bush hogs, etc.)
    • Inventory equipment ($1,000 or more)
    • Transportation Rental
    • Prizes, Awards and Promotional items