I.5.7. Purchases contrary to Procurement Rules

A purchase that is contrary to the rules and regulations established by State Purchasing Division shall be void and of no effect. Any official of a state entity or institution who willfully purchases or causes to be purchased any materials, supplies or equipment contrary to the rules and regulations will be personally liable for the cost thereof. If paid for from state funds, the amount may be recovered in the name of the state. (O.C.G. A.) Section 50-5-79.d

Process for Purchasing

  • Determine the user's need and approximate amount of purchase.
  • Refer to the Order of Precedence and Purchasing Chart Summary to select appropriate source and method of procurement.
  • Search Georgia First Marketplace.
  • Complete requisition in ePro.
  • Add any additional levels of approval.
  • Purchasing Services will receive approved requests in their worklist.
  • Purchasing Services will review requisitions, request any additional documentation needed, issue solicitation if required and issue purchase order to vendor.
  • Desktop receiving is required in ePro as soon as items are delivered.