Thank you for your interest in doing business with The University of West Georgia. UWG is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We seek to develop partnerships with our suppliers to benefit both UWG and our community.

  • Supplier agrees to be bound by the State of Georgia's contracting laws including, specifically, O.C.G.A 50-5-64.1.
  • As a State Entity, we are bound by law to uphold the procurement rules and regulations set forth in the Georgia Procurement Manual as well as the Board of Regents, Business Procedure Manual and the Official Codes of Georgia, OCGA.
  • The first step in becoming a successful supplier with the State of Georgia is properly registering your company in the Team Georgia Marketplace registration system.
  • We also recommend that Suppliers take advantage of the Online Training Opportunities supplied by The Department of Administrative Services.
  • Once registered, the Supplier will have access to the State of Georgia web based bid posting site. The Georgia Procurement Registry (GPR), which publicizes government contract opportunities (RFQ / RFI / RFQC / RFP opportunities). This system provides the option to look up opportunities by agency or by keyword.
  • All of the links and detailed information can be found on the Department of Administrative Services Website.
  • The Team Georgia Marketplace registration process is free of charge Suppliers.
  • The Team Georgia Marketplace help desk is dedicated to assisting suppliers with questions during registration:

DOAS Contact Info

Phone: 404-657-6000


What is e-Verify? (e-Verify or Immigration Affidavit)

e-Verify is an internet-based system that compares information from an employee's Form I-9, Employee Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. The Immigration Affidavit, sometimes referred to as an e-Verify Affidavit, is a form required as specified below.

e-Verify registration can be completed at the Federal Government e-Verify website.

Under what circumstances is an e-Verify affidavit needed?

Effective September 16, 2013 an immigration or e-Verify affidavit is required for all transactions when any labor or services ("the physical performance of services") greater than $2,499.99 are procured or contracted. The affidavit must be obtained prior to the service being contracted for or procured, except in the case of emergency repairs or services. A contract can be a formal written agreement, an order form, a purchase order, or a verbal contract for services. The Immigration / e-Verify affidavit requirement applies to contractors as well as any subcontractors the contractor may use.

What is the definition of the "physical performance of services"?

The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (O.C.G.A. 13-10-91) broadly defines the physical performance of services as any performance of labor or services for a public employer using a bidding process or by contract wherein the labor or services exceeds $2,499.99.  Please review the List of Common Services & Purchases (XLSX)* for more specific examples.If you have additional questions about this topic please contact Purchasing Services Staff:

*Please note that this list is not all inclusive and there may be services that are not on this list.

How often do we need to get the affidavits? If the vendor is performing multiple jobs on campus will an affidavit be needed for each job?

An Immigration / e-Verify affidavit is required for every contract, job, and/or purchase order when labor or services greater than $2,499.99 are procured.

Do I need to get the e-Verify affidavit or will Purchasing Services get it?

Purchasing Services will ensure that an affidavit is obtained and on file once a requisition is received and prior to the issuance of a purchase order. However, a department can help expedite this process by obtaining a signed and notarized affidavit from the vendor prior to the creation of the requisition and attaching the affidavit to the requisition once it has been created.

How do I know if the vendor provided me with the correct e-Verify number?

The e-Verify number consists of five to six numerical characters, and has no dashes or letters. This number is different from a vendor’s tax identification number. If a vendor is registered with e-Verify and needs assistance finding their E-Verify number, please direct them here.

Is the e-Verify number different than the Tax Identification Number?

Yes, a Tax Identification Number (9 numerical digits in length) is a number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration and is used for tax purposes. An e-Verify number (5 to 6 numerical digits in length) is a number assigned by the Department of Homeland Security and is used to verify employee eligibility, and contains no letters or dashes.

If I get an e-Verify affidavit, where do I send it?

If a requisition has been created in ePro you may attach the e-Verify affidavit to the requisition or email it to:

If a vendor has no employees, do they need to fill out this affidavit?

O.C.G.A.13-10-91 allows for contractors to submit a driver’s license in lieu of the affidavit if they have no employees. Please note that the driver’s license must be issued by a state within the United States that verifies lawful immigration status prior to issuing the driver’s license (Georgia drivers licenses are therefore acceptable). A list of states satisfying this requirement can be found here.

If the contracting party is a registered LLC, but it is a sole ownership, does that vendor need to be registered in e-Verify or will a copy of the vendor’s driver’s license satisfy the affidavit requirement?

If the contracting party is the LLC and not the individual, a driver’s license will not satisfy the requirement. An e-Verify affidavit will be required in this instance.

If the vendor is a professional that is licensed outside of the state of Georgia are they exempt from the affidavit requirement?

Professionals not licensed in Georgia are not exempt from the affidavit requirement. A copy of the professional’s driver’s license or an e-Verify affidavit will need to be submitted.

Does the e-Verify requirement apply to work performed in a foreign country or foreign groups/individuals who do not have any employees that are U.S. citizens?

No. The e-Verify requirement does not apply to work being performed outside of the United States or to foreign individuals/groups with no employees that are United States citizens who will be performing services for or at the University of West Georgia.

Does the e-Verify requirement apply to students performing clinical rotations under the direct supervision of Professionals licensed by the State of Georgia?

No, an E-Verify affidavit is not required if students are performing clinical rotations under the direct supervision of a professional licensed by the State of Georgia. Titles 26 and 43 of the O.C.G.A. list the professions that are exempt from the e-Verify requirement if the professionals are registered with the Secretary of State.

Professional Services are limited to those services defined by statute as a "profession" or “professional service". For example, the following services are statutorily defined as "professions" or “professional services": certified public accountancy, actuarial services, architecture, landscape architecture, registered interior designers, licensed or accredited appraisers or licensed or accredited financial analysts providing opinions of value, licensed structural pest controllers, chiropractic, dentistry “professional engineering, podiatry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, registered professional nursing, harbor piloting, land surveying, law, psychology, medicine and surgery, optometry, and osteopathy. This also applies to guest speakers or artists that perform at the University of West Georgia.

Is printing considered a service requiring vendor submission of an E-verify affidavit?

Yes, if the total cost of the printing is $2,500 or greater, unless done by Pub and Print on campus.

e-Verify Forms