1. Account Request
      1. A UWG Department, Division, or Organization may request an Open Text account by completing the OpenText Account Creation/Change Request Form with Department/Division Head approval and submitting to the OpenText System Administrator.
      2. The System Administrator will confirm the request with a return email, and by identifying and carbon-copying the Department or Division Head, or if the account request is for an Organization the sponsoring Department or Division Head.
  2. Account Set-up
      1. Faculty/Staff: When an account is requested, the account users & administrators are also identified. Any faculty or staff member may be a site admin as long as approved by the Department or Division Head. When the account is created in Open Text the users are identified by the Department/Division and imported through LDAP.
      2. Students/GRAs: Students and GRAs are permitted to be site admins during the development phase of the requested website account. However, once the site is launched live they can no longer have administrative privileges. They may remain as users, but not have the authority to publish to the live web. This process must always be approved by an authorized faculty or staff member.
  3. Account Changes
      1. If changes need to be made to a user’s account, a written request must be submitted by completion of the Open Text Account Creation/Change Request Form and submitting to the Open Text System Administrator.
      2. Change requests may consist of, but are not limited to, the following
          1. Additional access to pages
          2. Changes to access levels (user-only, administrative, etc.)
          3. Revocation of access to pages

Click here to download the OpenText Account Creation/Change Request form

Note: please send completed forms to ITS Web Innovations