University Data

IEA's primary mission is the collection of data for use in planning, decision-making, assessment, and policy information at the University. The office is responsible for ensuring accuracy of vital University statistics and for responding to requests for data from the University community and outside stakeholders.

Frequently requested information can be found in the data areas of the IEA website.

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University Assessment

IEA provides oversight, training, and support for assessment activities to effect a culture of assessment and continuous improvement across campus. Part of this effort includes the administration of the Assessment Management System, Weave . IEA is also responsible for creating and submitting reports to the SACSCOC  accrediting body on behalf of the University.

Records Information Management

IEA serves as the Custodian of Records for the University. In this capacity, the office promotes efficient administration and management of state government records in compliance with federal and state regulations. Records Information Management is the systematic control of all records, regardless of media, from creation or receipt of the record to the perpetual storage or destruction of the record. 

Open Records

An Open Records Officer is designated to respond to requests for records submitted under the Georgia Open Records Act