On March 1, 2014, the Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) office began its transition to an Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA) at which time official institutional oversight, training, and support for assessment activities across campus was transferred to it. As a result of this transition, several support structures were put in place to effect a culture of assessment and continuous improvement on the UWG campus. These included the hiring of a Director of Assessment, the establishment of institutional and divisional level assessment committees, and the appointment of assessment coordinators in every unit and for every academic program. 

University Assessment Team

The University Assessment Team was established in February 2015 by President Kyle Marrero and is comprised of representatives from each division of the University. The charge of the committee is to define and establish an assessment structure at the University of West Georgia, define and implement University institutional effectiveness assessment policy and procedures, oversee and review the quality of academic program and unit assessment plans and results, provide an annual report to the President documenting the strengths and weaknesses of the overall efforts in assessment and institutional effectiveness, ensure compliance with all applicable SACSCOC standards and requirements, and provide support for assessment of goals established within units and divisions that provide a path for success of the University's Strategic Plan 2020.

Team Membership (2015-2017)

Mr. Reed Blalock, Director of Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (Chair)
Dr. Myrna Gantner, Provost's Office (Academic Affairs)
Dr. Cher Hendricks, Center for Teaching and Learning (Academic Affairs)
Mr. Brendan Bowen, Campus Planning and Facilities (Business and Finance)
Mr. Dan Lewis, Center for Business Excellence (Business and Finance)
Ms. Alicia Welch, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Ms. Kathy Kral, Information Technology Services (President's Division)
Ms. Jami Bower, University Communications and Marketing (University Advancement)
Dr. Cathi Jenks, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (Ex Officio)

Academic Programs Assessment Council

The Academic Programs Assessment Council was established in May 2015. The goal of this council is to implement a continuous improvement plan across the division of Academic Affairs that leads to improved outcomes for student learning through meaningful assessment and use of data. This council is one by which communication about assessment of academic programs funnels to and from the University Assessment Team (UAT).

Council Membership (2015-2017)

Dr. Pauline Gagnon, College of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Amber Smallwood, College of Social Sciences
Dr. Cindy Epps, Tanner School of Nursing
Dr. Mary Kassis, Richards College of Business
Dr. Greg Payne, College of Science and Mathematics
Dr. Brent Heidorn, College of Education
Mr. Reed Blalock, Director of Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (Chair)

Unit Assessment

The success of the University of West Georgia in accomplishing its mission and achieving its strategic imperatives is in part dependent upon the quality of its administrative support services. All budgeted units define their mission, set goals, identify expected outcomes, develop a plan of measuring and assessing the achievement of those outcomes, and use the results to make plans for improvement.

Please contact Reed Blalock, Director of Assessment, at for more information.


Weave Intentional Works assessment system. Please contact Amanda Thomas, Assessment Coordinator, at for more information.