UWG Grade Posting and Grade Distribution Policy

Public “Posting” of Grades

Posting, or any other display of grades, complies with the following conditions:
1. Grades are posted in such a way that the identity of any individual grade recipient would not be publicly revealed.
2. List of grades for any organized classes or course sections with seven (7) or fewer students are not posted or in any way made publicly available.

Distribution of Final Course Grades

Upon written request, the final, end of term, class (or course section) grade distribution (for example, total number of As, Bs, Cs, etc.) will be made available for any class or course section with a final enrollment of eight or more students. However, grade distribution data will not be provided in any instance that identifies any individual grade recipient. Grade distribution reports reflect end of term, final course grades as reported to the Board of Regents. Any changes made to course grades, such as the removal of an incomplete, are not reflected in these end of term reports.

Grade Distribution Reports