All contracts entered into on behalf of the University shall be reviewed by the Office of Legal Affairs before the contract is offered or agreed upon.

Contract Routing Submission Form

The Contract Routing Submission Form is to be used for all Contracts/Agreements/Terms & Conditions/Memorandum of Understanding/License, etc. to ensure all necessary approvals are captured, as well as making sure the Office of Legal Affairs reviews the contract to ensure UWG is compliant with all state and federal statutes and regulations, and all USG policy.

UWG Legal Affairs Contract Routing Form

Which areas need to approve the contract?

Once the contract is submitted, depending on the details of the submission and answers to questions, it will route to applicable areas for approval. When all applicable areas have approved, the department will make any needed changes to the contract and send for signature per the Delegation of Authority Matrix.

When your contract has been fully approved and all signatures are acquired, please upload the executed copy via the "Open Update Form" link in the Confirmation Email the submitter receives when all approvals have been acquired. If you are unable to access your link, please send the copy of the contract to

Contract Submission and Approver Instructions

Please see the Contract Submission Job Aid for instructions on how to submit a contract and the Contract Approver Job Aid for instructions on how to approve and give comments once you, as an approver, receives a contract submission.

Have questions?

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please email the Office of Legal Affairs at

Please allow 5-7 business days for the completed review of your submitted contract.