What is a retention schedule?

A retention schedule is a list of the types of records (record series) created and received by an institution. The Georgia Archives of the University System of Georgia (USG) writes the retention schedules used by the University of West Georgia. The Schedules, as a functional extension of the Records and Information Management Policy, are adopted as the minimum length of time records are kept.

How are the schedules organized?

The approved USG Records Retention Schedules is the primary source of retention requirements for the records created and received by the University of West Georgia.

  • The schedules contains a list of records series that are common to most University offices.
  • The schedule is organized by categories, based upon the function of the record.
  • Each record series has a description and retention information.
  • Records are expected to be destroyed/deleted at the end of their legally-approved retention periods.

These retention schedules are continuously updated as we learn about new records created and received by the University as well as changes to existing business processes that affect current records. If you have any questions, suggestions, revisions, or additions regarding the schedules, email records@westga.edu.

Link to the Records Retention Schedules