Members of the University of West Georgia Community,

Next week, we look forward to beginning the Fall 2021 semester at the University of West Georgia, launching an enhanced university experience for our students. As we prepare for the return of college, we know our university community becomes safer and stronger with every person who is vaccinated against COVID-19. While being vaccinated against COVID-19 is not required for attendance or employment at UWG, it is strongly encouraged.

To fully protect our community – and for you to be a fully engaged member of it – we urge everyone to get vaccinated. And you’re in luck: we have an incredible collection of health professionals in UWG Health Services who have proven time and time again to give great care to our university community and whose sole purpose at our university is to provide care and contribute to the well-being of our students.

These professionals stand ready to assist you in the simple, cost-free process of being vaccinated, among a suite of other services:

  • We offer vaccines to all students, faculty, staff, and their immediate family members (individuals ages 12 and up who live in their household).

  • We’ll be administering the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on the Campus Center basketball court next Monday, Aug. 9, and Tuesday, Aug. 10, from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. as part of Pack Premiere. No appointment necessary.

  • Or you can book an appointment by calling Health Services at 678-839-6452. Then, stop by the Student Health Center right off Maple Street and get vaccinated to increase our collective strength against COVID-19.

The research is clear: COVID-19 vaccines work and prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death. They are also effective against the Delta variant.  Vaccination is the best way to protect you, your family, and our university community. Health experts agree that if you decide not to get vaccinated, you have a significant risk of contracting COVID-19, which could have a significant effect on your educational, professional, and personal experiences in the upcoming semester.

I am thankful for the perseverance of our students, faculty, and staff throughout the pandemic. Thank you, and be well.

President Kelly's Signature

Brendan B. Kelly, Ph.D.
University of West Georgia