Keynote Address

Jean Michel Habienza

Mr. Jean Michel Habienza is the founder and international coordinator of iDebate Rwanda. Prior to founding iDebate Rwanda, Jean Michel had been involved heavily in several reconciliation and youth initiatives in Rwanda aimed at Peacebuilding in Rwanda. Jean Michel is a former debater for Towson University in Maryland and a recent graduate from Pepperdine School of Education and Psychology with a MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Change.

General Resorative Practices

Tahirih Varner

Ms. Tahirih Varner is a conflict resolution practitioner that works to empower both the group and individual group members to function harmoniously. She works as the full-time University Ombudsperson at the University of West Georgia, serving students, staff, faculty and sometimes community members in this role. She is passionate about peacemaking and honored to be of service to the West GA community. Tahirih has B.A.’s in Rhetoric and Spanish and an M.S. in Conflict Management. She is also a Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioner through the International Ombuds Association and a licensed trainer through the International Institute for Restorative Practices.

Ciarra Oduka

Ciarra Oduka is a current graduate student earning her M.A. in Criminology. She recently graduated from Georgia Southern University with a B.S. in Justice Studies and a concentration in Fraud Examination. She currently works in the Office of the University Ombuds as a Graduate Research Assistant conducting research on various restorative practices. Her long-term goal is to become a college professor of criminal justice/criminology, with interests in women in the criminal justice system, violence against women, and drug crimes.

Restorative Practices in K-12

Dr. Angela Horrison-Collier

Dr. Angela Horrison-Collier has a long standing career as Leader and educator of children with disabilities. She has earned degrees from the University of North Alabama, Troy University and Georgia Southern University. Dr. Horrison-Collier has worked in Students Affairs and Education Leadership in Secondary and Higher Education, to include, the Georgia College and State University, University of Louisville, University of West Georgia and Emory University. She currently serves as Director of Student Services in Clayton County Public Schools, one of the fifth largest school systems in Georgia and is a licensed trainer of Restorative Practices through the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP).  

Dr. Avery Kenly

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Avery D. Kenly is currently a Teacher Development Specialist with the Clayton County Public School System (CCPS) located in Jonesboro, Georgia. Within this position, he helps oversee the county’s non-traditional teacher preparation program and facilitates training for all new teachers in the district, paraprofessionals, substitutes, and other educators seeking professional learning.  Given his dedication and service to the more than 60,000 students and staff members of CCPS, Dr. Kenly was named as the district’s Certified Support Professional of the Year in 2017.

Restorative Practices in Criminal Justice

Kelley Christopher

Kelley Christopher is a Lecturer in the Department of Criminology. She graduated with an M.S. in Post Secondary Education and has been teaching Sociology and Criminology for ten years. She is trained in conflict mediation and has mentored teenage mothers who are finishing high school. Her undergraduate degree is in Social Science from Southern Oregon University, she has an MPA, an M.A. in Sociology and an M.S. in Adult Education.