What We Do

The Presidential Search and Screen Committee is committed to serving all of our stakeholders in the search for the next UWG President.

As representatives of UWG, committee members will attend any of their upcoming group or individual meetings as active listeners in order to discover what is desired in the next president for the group(s) they represent.

As a committee, we would like to encourage everyone that we meet to:

  1. Submit their individual input using our survey tool found on the UWG Presidential Search website or westga.edu/presidential-search under the “Share Your Input” section or linked directly here. We think this is the BEST option for you to directly voice your opinions and feedback on this search to the committee as a whole.
  2. Committee members can also submit surveys on your behalf, with your permission, and will ask to complete the online survey in your presence. 
  3. Encourage nominations by directing interested parties to our nomination form and our ad(s)

For additional questions that committee members are unable to answer immediately using the publicly available information on the website, we must defer to the PSSC chair, Dr. Sharmistha Dutt, when addressing any individual or group. As the PSSC chair, Dr. Dutt is the only person authorized to speak on behalf of the committee as a whole in keeping with the charge by the USG Chancellor and Board of Regents.

To encourage dialogue after a meeting, your committee member will:

  1. Take note of common-themed questions which will be submitted on your behalf to our chair, Sharmistha Dutt and full committee.
  2. Encourage individuals/groups to connect directly by using the “Contact Us” information posted on the website or by emailing sbdutt@westga.edu with their concerns.
  3. We will address and respond to these common concerns with answers posted via the “Stay Up-To-Date” area of the website as the search progresses.