Download the most recent version of the score reporting template.

NB: The attached QEP score spreadsheet replaces all existing versions of the template.  Delete any other version of this template.  Please contact your department's QEP representative or the Center for Teaching & Learning with any questions.


1.  Fill in each row and column for one section per report.  Copy and paste recurring course information in columns A through F.  Start at cell A2.  Leave no cells blank on any rows or columns.

2.  You must enter the class identifying information (columns A-F) on every row of student scores.

3.  For non-responding students (those still on your roll), enter "NA" (without quotation marks) in all three of the score cells.  (NB: Omit any officially withdrawn students.)  Do not leave their scores blank, and do not delete non-responding students from the report.

4.  Save the finished report as a .CSV (Comma delimited) file.

5.  Use this format for the file name: Semester-Year-SUBJ-COURS E-SEC-YourLastName; example: Fall-2016-POLS-1101-0 1-Smithington

6.  Upload your file directly to the Google Drive folder for this semester and your department.  Because of FERPA restrictions, you should not email the completed report.