Members of the University of West Georgia Community,

Thank you all for the flexibility, ingenuity, and resilience you have demonstrated over the past several months as we’ve navigated the challenges presented by COVID-19.

We are excited to announce the University of West Georgia will offer a full, dynamic experience to our students in the safest, most considerate ways possible this fall. I invite you to watch this video message in which I explain more about what our campus will look like beginning in August. Please feel free to view the full Return to Campus plan on the university’s website here.

While online instruction is effective and important to maintain as an option for our students, we know the value of an in-person higher education experience, and it is important to see our students continue to grow in that environment this fall.

The new guidelines we’ll implement will affect nearly all areas of campus life – from academics to social activities – and we will balance the interactions that make a residential campus like UWG so valuable with a priority of creating a safe environment. More details will be published soon on our website as they are finalized. 

Our goal with these protocols is to build a culture of mutual respect. We ask that you be respectful of what people are and are not comfortable with when it comes not only to COVID-19 but daily life as well. We are all navigating a great deal of change in a relatively short amount of time. When you return to campus, I hope you show your fellow members of the UWG community the care and respect you’d like to be shown in return. We look forward to having you all back on campus in August – if not sooner.

Take care of yourself and those around you. Be well.

kelly signatureBrendan B. Kelly, Ph.D.
University of West Georgia