UCM can provide brand continuity to your marketing ideas and planning and connect them to the harnessing power of the overarching UWG brand.

We are in a unique position to assist campus clients by leveraging the “halo” effect of a mature, respected brand platform to optimize individual departmental and programmatic marketing needs and bring value. 

What are the Benefits of Branding and Marketing?

  • Awareness and the building of positive perceptions
  • A proclamation to deliver on our promise
  • Presentation of a united front
  • Recognition and familiarity
  • Loyalty and constituent pride
  • Consistency for memorability
  • Equity and credibility
  • A common language reflecting shared values
  • Confidence and engagement
  • Retention and recruitment success

UCM Key Competencies

  • Primary and supplemental research
  • Trendspotting and best practices
  • Brand strategy, positioning, and consistency
  • Media strategy, procurement, placement, and stewardship
  • Channels include television/cable, digital, print, radio, out-of-home, social/organic, environmental, and event marketing
  • Creative strategy, development, and testing
  • Production and trafficking of materials
  • Budget planning and conservancy
  • Metrics, measurement, and assessment
  • Customer service and quality assurance
  • Practitioner of accessibility standards
  • Brand champion and guardian of the brand personality

Working With Us

Please fill out our Project Request Form to submit your project requests and marketing needs or reach out to us with questions at ucm@westga.edu.

UCM is committed to providing top-notch marketing services to our valued UWG campus clients. However, there are times when a request cannot be fulfilled due to its timing and or complexity combined with a short turnaround deadline. In these instances, UCM will serve as an advisor to assist in supporting your needs. Please see our Brand Center to find guidance and help. 

Other Ways We Can Help 

We can also leverage the institutional brand to support individual marketing campaigns for schools, colleges, departments, and programs. As possible, and with appropriate notice, UCM may:

  • Include your messaging or campaign elements in rotation with our digital signage and digital/social campaigns - at no cost to campus partners
  • Ensure that any campus media scheduling doesn’t “bump up” against institutional plans and assist with placement tips
  • Generate ideas for organic/grassroots campaigns when campus resources are limited
  • Provide individual and hands-on refresher training to review the established and updated visual identity guidelines
  • Share the new Go West campaign as a point of reference for driving campus connection to a bold, new refreshed West.