UCM innovatively tells the University of West Georgia’s story in ways that inform and engage a diverse group of audiences. 

We enhance UWG’s reputation as a trailblazing institution – one that nurtures academic achievers and free-thinkers, while providing a learning community that transforms student lives in our region and well beyond. 

UCM Department Goals

I. Be Seen and Heard

  • Improve perceptions of UWG (first-choice) by two to three percent. 
  • Maintain awareness and familiarity as benchmarked in Wave I of the institutional survey.
  • Elevate our academic profile through increased faculty participation in WebCV and stories of research and achievement. 
  • Expand out reach/impact within the Atlanta market and beyond. 
  • Protect our share of voice by maintaining gross impression levels.
  • Explore new channels to better tell our story, in changing ways. 
  • Out-smart the competition
  • Award-winning campaigns and a synchronized media presence. 

II. Reach Out and Invite In

  • Inspire faculty, staff, and student engagement through EngageWest! action plans and improved internal communications. 
  • Reconnect more alumni to institutional purpose. 
  • Lower community "drawbridges."
  • Expand the definition of community. 
  • Cultivate new partners and supporters. 
  • Attract prospective students and parents. 
  • Broker educational and economic efforts. 
  • Inform legislative and governing bodies. 

III. Explore and Educate 

      • Create UWG “aha” reputational moments
      • Learn new things about UWG.
      • Uncover hidden gems.
      • Research
      • Discovery
      • Innovation
      • Alumni success
      • Student success
      • Faculty success
      • Athletics success
      • Facility differentiations (athletics, housing, dining, etc.)
      • Create a two-way dialogue with our audiences.
      • Promote the limitless possibilities at UWG.

IV. Operational and Leadership Excellence

  • EngageWest!
  • Survey action plans 
  • LDI participation 
  • Cross mentoring groups 
  • Integration into daily activities 
  • Professional and personal development 
  • Develop West 
  • Conferences, webinars, Lynda.com, etc. 
  • Industry best practices and principles 
  • Policy, procedures, and guidelines
  • Create trends as a forerunner of best practices