The University Communications and Marketing team is made up of a talented and dedicated group of professionals working together to provide excellent marketing and communications services and shared expertise for the University of West Georgia. The Institutional Marketing and Communications Plan (IMCP) exists to support the objectives of the overarching University of West Georgia Strategic Plan and to endorse our mission and vision statements. Our efforts will be purposeful and meticulous to meet robust objectives outlined in this plan.

UCM Mission Statement

UCM supports the University of West Georgia’s strategic imperatives through messaging and branding to enhance UWG’s reputation as a trailblazing institution that transforms lives through education.

UCM Vision Statement

To become a nationally respected creator, practitioner, and advocate for communication and marketing solutions that connect university goals with the needs and interests of valued constituents. 


To successfully execute the strategies and tasks outlined in this plan, we must ensure that our marketing and branding activities set the tone and high standard for quality and excellence in message and delivery – while both inspiring and requiring campus colleague adherence to established guidelines and best practices.

  • We will ensure the effectiveness of our marketing and branding efforts through implementation of proprietary research and the study of secondary research; creative testing; focus group feedback; and trend-spotting for news, issues, and innovative practices.
  • We will practice evidence-based leadership to ensure accountability, review, assessment, and improvement; to connect people to purpose; and to grow leaders and individuals who model excellence for moving UWG forward while achieving personal and professional aspirations.
  • We will embrace and embody UWG values and create an inclusive, collaborative, and engaging culture in which all UCM contributors understand their roles and realize their value and talents.
  • We will act with integrity and responsibility as the budget steward of an institutional marketing, branding, and recruitment investment as realized through the work of UCM and its external marketing partner.
  • We will measure our success on our ability to inspire inquiry, exploration, and action to enroll at UWG through extensive target audience behavioral models to track website visits and actions taken for application completion. Key benchmarks to date include an increase in visits to the UWG Admissions site, and a 13 percent increase in enrollment – due to our ability to plug into the admissions and enrollment management teams – since the initial brand campaign launch.
  • We will continue to create effective work that is nationally renowned through recognition of over 30 awards, and more recently, a published case in a nation public relations strategy textbook featuring our Go West brand story.

Situational Analysis

UWG is strengthened by its status as a land of opportunity and one that lends the ability to make your mark. While the campus footprint lives on a vast 645 acres of spacious green space, it offers an individualized, intimate learning environment that fosters personalized education and the ability to transform lives. Students benefit from access to outstanding faculty members for academic excellence, creative expression, and service to humanity. Faculty and staff often engage in experiential learning opportunities to optimize student learning and confidence to evolve knowledge into action and subsequent positive career and life outcomes. UWG has already benefitted from recognition by third-party endorsers, including U.S. News & World Report, the Princeton Review, Colleges of Distinction, various AACSU and USG recognitions, and a Most Promising Place to Work in Student Affairs designation. 

While Carrollton’s central campus location is located 48 miles west of Atlanta within a more rural than urban environment, its proximity to Atlanta is seen increasingly to prospective students and faculty members. UWG is committed to connecting and building relationships among organizations, community partners, employers, and our alumni network to help students connect with internships, service projects, graduate programs, and career opportunities.

Growing the numbers of first generation students and students who are financially needy or from historically underrepresented communities lies at the heart of the UWG mission. UWG is also committed to diversity, and expanding applicant pools to attract a talented, diverse group of faculty and staff members. 

UWG will continue to face threats from increased competition within the higher education space in Georgia and beyond – from both a share of market/voice perspective and from the ability to effectively attract and retain a talented and diverse faculty, staff, and student body. Universities continue to face ongoing questions regarding the value of a liberal arts education and the value of higher education in general. Add to that challenge the pool of U.S. high school students that will be smaller within the next several years. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports the U.S. population age 18 and under will shrink from 34 percent today to 21 percent by 2050.* Georgia will also be affected by this national trend.

Primary Goals

Goal 1: Refresh, renew, and reimagine the UWG Go West brand by continuing to position the University of West Georgia as the most forwarding-thinking, progressive institution in the state.

Goal 2: Align strategies across all marketing, recruitment, and advertising efforts, and improve collaboration and prioritization for the fulfillment of the annual marketing  plans. 

Goal 3: Align strategies across all communications activities to tie all efforts to strategic communications priorities. 

Goal 4:  Provide high-impact web design and quality content through execution of the Web Revolution II. 

Goal 5: Position ourselves as the on-campus brand experts, while improving relationships and strengthening partnerships through thoughtful design and creative collaborations.

Goal 6: Optimize operational success for UCM for achieving peak performance and purposeful, successful outcomes.

Goal 7: Enhance live event production projects to meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers. 

Goal 8: Embrace the EngageWest! culture and model for evidence-based leadership and personal and professional accountability.