September 16, 2014

We have an extraordinary opportunity at the University of West Georgia. We are entering a new era filled with optimism, energy and momentum with a stated vision of becoming the best comprehensive university in America. One that seeks to be the best place to work, learn and succeed. One that honors the past while forging a New West!

To reach this level, together, we have shaped a comprehensive strategic plan that succinctly defines our imperatives, defines our mission and affirms our core values. We believe this plan will transform our university. It is infused with the Go West spirit, represents a major cultural change of evidence based leadership and a culture of high performance, and broadens our constituency horizons.

The plan begins with new initiatives designed to help our students excel in progression towards their degree, timely graduation, and attainment of career goals. It recognizes the need to responsibly budget these pursuits and asks our faculty and staff to continue to pave the path of opportunity with innovative academic programs that offer an enhanced ability for our students to grow and develop into engaged citizens and effective leaders. The plan calls for the active recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty members from diverse backgrounds and promises to recognize, support and compensate those who remain engaged and committed to transforming student lives.

We will seek expanded partnerships in academic and economic development and actively pursue robust community engagement. Our programs will address current and evolving educational and workforce needs and remain relevant and aligned with the needs of the community, the region, the state and beyond. To be relevant, we must continue to communicate our distinctives, innovate and align our programs with the ever changing needs of a complex, technologically driven future. Our partnerships will be mutually beneficial and designed to improve all facets of our operation. We will foster a culture of institutional effectiveness that will ensure our sustainability and growth.

We are currently enjoying record student enrollment, many new and renovated facilities, SACSCOC level VI accreditation, and recognition in a myriad of national settings for academic quality and affordability. We have been acknowledged as an innovative, progressive leader in online curriculum development. Institutional awareness and reputation are on the rise and we are capturing the attention of peers all across the nation. We are well on our way to becoming the best comprehensive university in America as we continue to passionately journey west.

Join me in going West. It changes everything.

Dr. Kyle Marrero, President