Gregory Fraser, Ph.D.

Spring 2021 Sections

  • ENGL-2060 (Intro to Crtve Wrtng-Honor) Section: 25H
  • ENGL-4210 (Adv Creative Writing: Poetry) Section: 1DW
  • ENGL-5210 (Adv Creative Writing: Poetry) Section: E01
  • ENGL-6115 (Seminar in British Lit II) Section: E01

Fall 2020 Sections

  • ENGL-2001 (Introduction to Literature) Section: E04
  • ENGL-2060 (Intro to Creative Writing) Section: E02
  • ENGL-4210 (Adv.CreativeWriting:Poetry) Section: 02W
  • ENGL-5210 (Adv. Creative Writing:Poetry) Section: E01

Spring 2020 Sections

Fall 2019 Sections

Spring 2019 Sections

Fall 2018 Sections

Spring 2018 Sections

  • ENGL-2060 (Intro Creative Writing-Honors) Section: 25H
  • ENGL-3200 (Int.CreativeWrtng-Poetry) Section: 04W
  • ENGL-4384 (Senior Seminar- Lit Rx) Section: 01W

Fall 2017 Sections

Spring 2017 Sections

Summer 2016 Sections

Spring 2015 Sections