Course Evaluations submitted prior to 2020 are housed within each respective college. Please contact your department chair or dean to request this information.

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If you have previously administered your end-of-semester course evaluations online and need help accessing or viewing those reports, please email

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End-of-semester/-session evaluations

Refer to the dates on this page for this semester's and the upcoming semester's evaluation time frames.

Updates on Student Evaluations of Instruction (SEIs):

  • Spring 2021: In February 2021, the Faculty Senate voted to approve the use of online SEIs for this semester.
  • Summer 2021 and going forward: In March 2021, the Faculty Senate voted to approve the use of online SEIs for all future semesters.

Please consult the Faculty Senate Minutes for those dates for more information. 

Results from SEIs are available to the instructor, their Department Chair, and their Dean. 

During the last week of the semester, UWG Online conducts its own online student evaluation of online services provided by the unit. Results from UWG Online's survey of online students are available to faculty through UWG Online:

The Evaluation Summary for Distance Courses form requires that the faculty provide written documentation reflecting on their DE course evaluation results and how the students' feedback will be used for improvement. Aggregate results are made available online at DE Evaluation Documents.

More than just a box to check off at the end of the semester, the student evaluation of instruction (SEI) is a critical feature for faculty looking to increase their ability to make a lasting impact on their students. During the last weeks of the term, the university administers online student evaluation of instruction (SEI) for all distance courses. These anonymous evaluations are conducted outside of CourseDen via in CoursEval and can be accessed online by faculty at any time.

Repeated encouragement by the instructor is the number one reason response rates improve! Consider adding multiple reminders in your course through announcements.  Also consider emailing each student within CourseDen with a reminder to complete the evaluations.


If you have previously administered your end-of-semester course evaluations online and need help accessing or viewing those reports, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 678-839-6248 or

Session I (Classes meet August 14 - October 2)

Opens: Wednesday, September 18

Closes: Wednesday, October 2

Full Session (Classes meet August 14 - December 6 )

Opens: Friday, November 15

Closes: Friday, December 6

Session II (Classes meet October 9 - December 6)

Opens: Friday, November 22

Closes: Friday, December 6

Session I (Classes meet May 10 - May 24)

Opens: Friday, May 17

Closes: Friday, May 24

Session II (Classes meet June 3 - July 17)

Opens: Wednesday, July 3

Closes: Wednesday, July 17

Session III (Classes meet June 3 - June 26)

Opens: Wednesday, June 19

Closes: Wednesday, June 26

Session IV (Classes meet June 27 - July22)

Opens: Monday, July 15

Closes: Monday, July 22

Session I (Classes meet January 6 - February 29)

Opens: Thursday, February 15

Closes: Thursday, February 29

Session II (Classes meet March 4 - April 29 )

Opens: Monday, April 15

Closes: Monday, April 29

Full Session (Classes meet January 6 - April 29)

Opens: Monday, April 8

Closes: Monday, April 29

Session I (Classes meet August 9 - September 29)

Opens: Friday, September 15

Closes: Friday, September 29

Session II (Classes meet October 2 - December 1)

Opens: Friday, November 17

Closes: Friday, December 1

Full Session (Classes meet August 9 - December 1)

Opens: Friday, November 10

Closes: Friday, December 1

Session I (Classes meet May 11 - May 25)

Opens: Thursday, May 18

Closes: Thursday, May 25

Session II (Classes meet May 30 - July 13)

Opens: Thursday, July 6

Closes: Thursday, July 13

Session III (Classes meet May 30 - June 22)

Opens: Thursday, June 15

Closes: Thursday, June 22

Session IV (Classes meet June 27 - July 20)

Opens: Thursday, July 13

Closes: Thursday, July 20