Senate Liaisons by Campus Group
Campus GroupSenate Liaisons
High Impact Practices CommitteeJennifer Edelman (Chair, Academic Policies Committee)
IT Steering Board (inactive) 
Wellness CommitteeTBD
HelpWest CommitteeBeth Sheppard (LIBR Rep, Institutional Planning Committee)
SAFBAKathie Barrett (Chair, Student Affairs and Intercollegiate Activities Committee)
Commencement Planning CommitteeTami Ogletree (Former Senator, Facilities and Information Technology Committee)
President’s Advisory Council (inactive) 
Provost's CouncilDan Williams (Chair, Faculty Senate)
Office of Education Abroad Advisory CouncilTaylor Bryant (SCFM Rep, Diversity and Internationalization Committee)
University Calendar CommitteeJennifer Edelman (Chair, Academic Policies Committee)
Tech Fees CommitteePerry Kirk (CACSI Rep, Facilities and Information Technology Committee)
UWG Historical and Archaeological Survey Advisory Group

Colleen Vasconcellos (Executive Secretary, Faculty Senate)

Graduate School Advisory Council

Dena Kniess (Chair, Graduate Programs Committee)

USG Faculty Chairs Committee

Dan Williams (Chair, Faculty Senate)

General Education Assessment CommitteeJean Cook (LIBR Rep, Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Committee)