Assessment Plans

Every unit is expected to develop and maintain an assessment plan. At a minimum, an approved assessment plan includes:

  • Clearly-stated student learning outcomes or performance outcomes and their relation to the UWG strategic plan.
  • A description of the intended measurements to be used in the assessment of each outcome providing specific information as to the who, what, when, and how each outcome will be assessed.
  • *Academic programs have additional requirements, that can be found here.

Assessment Reports

Assessment at UWG is on an annual cycle using a staggered reporting schedule that corresponds to the operations of different units. Specifically, the timeline is created to reflect the time data collected in the assessment is available, current, and actionable. The due date reflects the date units are to have completed and submitted their Excel spreadsheets to IEA via email. All due dates fall on the 15th of the respective month, or next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.

Assessment Report Due Dates    
Academic AffairsContinuing Education, Extended Learning, UWG OnlineJanuary 15
Academic AffairsAll academic programs and other administrative units not listed as reporting in JanuaryNovember 15
Business & FinanceAll UnitsNovember 15
Information Technology ServicesAll UnitsJanuary 15
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management *Please see note belowJanuary/March/ October/November 15
University AdvancementAll UnitsNovember 15
President's DivisionAll UnitsJanuary 15

*Please check with your division assessment contact for specific dates by department.

Report Templates

The below Excel worksheet templates are used to report UWG Annual Assessment data. 

Academic Programs

Academic Program Annual Assessment Reporting Template (xlsx)

Administrative, Operational, & Student Affairs Units

Some divisions may have internally developed templates that are used for annual reporting purposes. In the absence of a division template, please use the one below.

Administrative Unit Annual Assessment Reporting Template (xlsx)