Xitracs Resources

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Curriculog Resources

If you are submitting a new program proposal in the Curriculog system, you will need to include the following two items to satisfy the assessment requirements. Please complete the following templates and attach to the official proposal.

  1. Academic Assessment Plan / Reporting - Template*Download the above template and fill in the first three columns. It will include the Program Student Learning Outcomes, Strategic Plan Connection, and the Measure and Methods - You want to show how the program will be collecting and analyzing the assessment data. (For more specific information as to what should be included in the Measure/Method column, see the UWG Peer Review Rubric below).
  2. Curriculum and Assessment Map - Template*Download the above template and fill in per the embedded instructions. IF you will be using course embedded assessment, be sure to include an "A" in the appropriate cells to indicate where learning outcomes will be assessed.

Information on Writing Program Level Student Learning Outcomes (.pdf)

General Education Assessment Resources

Blinding (Redacting) Student Work in a PDF

The videos below will walk you through how to blind (redact) student work in a PDF for purposes of General Education Assessment.

  1. Blinding (Redacting) Student Work in a PDF - Option 1
  2. Blinding (Redacting) Student Work in a PDF - Option 2

General Resources

Reading Resources

Articles on Assessment

Books on Assessment

  • Barbara Walvoord, Assessment Clear and Simple: A Practical Guide, 2nd ed. (2010)
  • Catherine Wehlburg, Promoting Integrated and Transformative Assessment (2008)
  • Trudy Banta, Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, 2nd (2009)
  • George Kuh et al., Using Evidence of Student Learning to Improve Higher Education (2015)
  • Karen Nichols and James Nichols, The Department Head Guide to Assessment Implementation in Administrative and Educational Support Units (2000)