Our Mission

The Staff Advisory Council is part of the University System of Georgia Staff Council and represents the needs and concerns of staff at UWG. The Staff Advisory Council acts as an advisory body to the University President and shall act on behalf of the staff.

Topics of discussion (past and present) include insurance, classification/compensation, employee recognition, tuition/fee waiver, diversity in the workplace, orientation/mentoring, benefits, resources, etc.

Who is the Staff Advisory Council?

The Council is an advisory body to the University President on behalf of the staff of the University of West Georgia. The Council advises on issues where there is a need for uniform policy throughout the University that affects classified staff.  All actions of the Council which impact on the operation of the University are subject to the approval of the President of the University. 

What do we support?

The Council supports both full time and part-time benefited staff at the University of West Georgia. The Council deals with issues such as benefits, staff recognition, professional development, and any other such matters that directly affect staff. In addition, the Council gives back the community and supports such efforts as the UWG Toy Drive.

Where can I find more information?

Read the Bylaws. Look at other Staff Advisory Councils at other Universities. Talk to an officer or representative.

When do we meet?

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Campus Center, however virtual meetings are currently being held. Any staff member is welcome to attend the meeting. Meeting minutes are posted on the website after each meeting. Please feel free to email us for a link to our next virtual meeting at sac@westga.edu

Why does it affect me?

A problem that is not voiced is a problem that cannot be solved. The Council acts as an advisory body providing a home for your voice. Although not every problem has an immediate solution, this forum allows us to keep in contact with each other and to improve communication with the University.

How do I get involved?

Come to a meeting. Read the minutes of past issues. E-mail us with your thoughts and concerns. Talk to other staff in your department. Talk to your representative.