• Common Course Outcomes

    First-Year Seminar (FYS) is a 2 credit hour course offered in Area B2 of the core curriculum.


    In its third year of implementation, the course is part of UWG’s LEAP West! Initiatives and is designed to help first-year
    students make a successful transition to academic learning at the college level. Each of our XIDS 2002 courses should include at least the following three outcomes:
    1. Adapt written and oral communication to specific rhetorical purposes and audiences
    2. Recognize and begin to implement the skills necessary to become life-long, active learners through the exploration of an academic topic that focuses on a contemporary and/or enduring topic, question, or problem
    3. Identify, evaluate, and use information, language, or technology appropriate to a specific purpose
  • Wolf Lab Information

    The Wolf Lab counts for 15% of each student's XIDS 2002 grade. Student should complete three of the following four:

  • Center for Teaching and Learning & CourseDen

    The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a variety of resources, services, and consultation models, each designed to provide faculty with professional development opportunities and advice to improve teaching.

    Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

    • Basement of Old Auditorium
      (Across from Ingram Library,
      between Miller Hall & Anthropology) Location
    •  678-839-5289Location

    The Center for Teaching and Learning is a great resource for First-Year Seminar Instructors who need assistance with CourseDen development. Click here to access CourseDen tutorials, or contact the CTL for information about drop-in workshops or personalized training.

  • Other Campus Partners & Resources

    Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center provides free, confidential counseling and support services to all enrolled UWG students.

    • 123 Row Hall Location
    •  678-839-6428Location

    Office of University Ombuds

    The Office of University Ombuds provides an accessible, informal channel of communication to facilitate non-adversarial means of dispute resolution and to promote conflict management and cooperation throughout the University community. The office will work to resolve concerns, complaints and questions about University policies, procedures and practices in a neutral, impartial and confidential manner.

    • Strozier Hall, Room 218
    • (678) 839-4165 Location

     UWG Cares

    Faculty, staff, students, and parents may use UWG Cares to request assistance or intervention for a distressed individual, as well as to report disturbing or disruptive behavior or suspicious activity.

  • Prospective Instructors

    Instructors who teach FYS have a commitment to the following:

    1. Developing a course around an engaging, academically-focused topic. The chosen topic should exhibit the instructor’s passion for learning and their interest in sharing their love of learning with first-year students; 
    2. Helping first-year students make a successful transition to college-level learning by serving as an instructor and as an academic mentor; and
    3. Using course content to help students reflect upon the value of active learning and provide them with some of the introductory skills they need to become active learners.   

    Current UWG faculty and staff who have a Master's or terminal degree can apply to teach XIDS 2002; staff members must obtain faculty status if selected to teach. Interested instructors should reference the FYS Proposal Guide 2019 - 2020 (PDF, 124KB). Contact Ryan Bronkema, Director of First-Year Academic Programs, with any questions.

  • Request for Instructor Compensation

    Instructors who teach a FYS section will receive a $2,000 stipend if the seminar is taught beyond assigned courses or workload. Instructors can elect to receive the stipend in the form of:

    • Professional development funds
    • Salary supplement
      • Minus tax deductions 
      • Payments occur in October & December
    • Split compensation
      • Professional development funds totaling $1,000
      • Salary supplement totaling $1,000
  • Request Funding for Materials, Experiential Learning Activities, or Field Trips

    Limited funds are available for supplemental materials, experiential learning activities, and field trips for your First-year Seminar students.

    These materials, activities, and experiences should be tied to the subject of the seminar in some manner and are subject to the parameters set forth by UWG Purchasing.

    Request First-Year Seminar Funding (Google Form)

  • Professional Development Opportunities for XIDS Instructors

    Each FYS Instructor received a copy of Transparent Design in Higer Education Teaching and Leadership (Winkelmes, Boye, & Tapp, 2019) at the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester.

    The TILT Faculty Reading Group will meet four Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. during Fall 2019 semester:

    • October 9th (Nursing Building, Room 112)
    • October 30th (Nursing Building, Room 200)
    • November 20th (Nursing Building, Room 112)
    • December 11th (Nursing Building, Room 112)

    Green and purple book cover

    Please reach out Tiffany Powers at tpowers@westga.edu to RSVP.