Since 2016, UWG has completed an Annual Peer Review of Academic Assessment Reports. Each Spring, faculty members from across campus review all assessment reports on program-level Student Learning Outcomes. These reports are scored against the UWG Assessment Quality Rubric. The purpose of this process is to advance the assessment of student learning and to encourage the use of assessment data for continuous improvement.

Spring 2019

Please check back in early 2019 for more information.


Spring 2017

Two faculty representatives from each College/School came together and formed a team of 12 reviewers. These 12 reviewers were divided into four teams of three. Each team was responsible for reviewing and scoring 21 assessment reports, 7 per person. Each team came together, and collectively reviewed all 21 reports and submitted final scores. Final score reports went out to all programs, were aggregated for each College/School, and an average score was presented for the division of Academic Affairs.

Find the rubric used in the 2017 Annual Peer Review here.

Find the aggregate results for the 2017 Annual Peer Review here.

Spring 2018

Based on feedback, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment requested one faculty member from each College/School, who had previously participated as a reviewer, to take part in an ad-hoc Rubric Review Team. These six faculties, along with the Interim Director of Assessment, reviewed the rubric and overall process for the Annual Peer Review. Revisions were made to the rubric for clarity, and updated processes were implemented.

Find the revised rubric for the 2018 Annual Peer Review here.

Find the aggregrate results for the 2018 Annual Peer Review here.

  • Two faculty members from each College/School (12 total)
  • Four teams of 3 reviewers
  • Teams will collectively review and score 21 assessment reports, 7 per person.
  • 2018 Updated Processes
    2018 Updated Processes
    • ***NEW Revise and Resubmit process for programs that initially score lower than 3.0***
      • After the initial review and scoring, programs who score below a 3.0, will be given the option to revise and resubmit the assessment report for a second review.
      • Programs will be notified of the opportunity by the Interim Director of Assessment
      • Programs who choose to revise and resubmit must resubmit within one week of being notified.
      • The revised report will be reviewed and re-scored by the same team of reviewers.
      • All programs and Colleges/School will receive the final score report at the same time via email.
  • 2018 Rubric Updates
    2018 Rubric Updates
    • Reviewers will be allowed to give scores in increments of 0.5.
    • Removed scoring elements for SLO's (SLO's are focused and appropriate to measure student learning). Only comments will be allowed.
    • Final text box area changed from "Overall Summary Comments" to "Additional Comments."
    • "Summary of Program Progress" checkboxes were removed.

If you have any questions about the Peer Review, please contact Amanda Thomas, Director of Assessment at amandat@westga.edu.