HelpWest needs your recipes!

The steering committee for HelpWest, the UWG Employee benevolence fund, is pleased to announce the launch of a new fundraising initiative: the HelpWest Cookbook 2021. To make this project a success, we need your help. We are currently accepting recipe submissions from UWG employees. If you would be interested in sharing your family favorites with your UWG colleagues in the HelpWest cookbook, please submit your recipe using the button below by September 30, 2021. Cookbook orders will be accepted in the fall, once compilation and pricing are completed. If you have any questions, please contact


HelpWest, the UWG employee benevolence fund, is an assistance program dedicated to providing emergency relief to eligible UWG faculty and staff who are facing unforeseen financial hardship.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HelpWest?
    • HelpWest is an assistance program dedicated to providing emergency relief to eligible UWG faculty and staff who are facing unforeseen financial hardship. The fund is overseen by the HelpWest subcommittee of the UWG Barrier Team. 
    • The subcommittee consists of the Ombuds Office, a representative from each University division, and a representative from the Faculty Senate and Staff Advisory Council.
    • Additional information can be found in the HelpWest Employee Benevolence Program Guidelines.
  • Who is eligible to apply for assistance?
    • The requestor must be a full-time or part-time regular employee of the University of West Georgia. Student employees are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students for support. 
    • The requestor's need for financial assistance must be directly attributed to or caused by undue hardship or crisis.
  • How do I apply for assistance?
    • Requests for assistance can be made by clicking the red button (above on this page) that reads "Request Assistance."
    • You can also contact the Ombuds Office directly for a paper application.
  • Who will know that I have requested assistance?

     The Ombuds office will receive your request for assistance, and will process the personal information you provide.

    • The Ombuds Office will keep identifying information related to requests confidential, except as required by other University policies and
      procedures or by law.
    • The HelpWest subcommittee reviews each request. The information provided to the committee is anonymized, so your name will not be associated with the information presented to the subcommittee. The subcommittee approves or denies requests according to the criteria listed in the HelpWest Employee Assistance Program Guidelines.
  • What is the review process for assistance requests?
    • The HelpWest subcommittee shall approve or deny requests according to the criteria listed in the HelpWest Program Guidelines.
    • Decisions of the subcommittee are final.
    • The person requesting assistance will be notified of the subcommittee’s decision by the Ombuds Office within two business days.
    • Upon approval of the request for assistance, funds shall be made payable directly to the beneficiary.
    • Supporting documentation may be requested to determine approval of the request.
  • How do I donate to the fund?
    Click here, or click the red button above which reads "Donate to the Fund," then follow instructions on the next screen. Donations are managed by the UWG Foundation.

About the HelpWest Committee

HelpWest was established by Dr. Crafton in 2017 in recognition of the importance of supporting our community. Beginning with Dr. Crafton's "Five for a Friend" campaign, the program has evolved into benevolence fund governed by employees from each University division dedicated to providing support and relief to employees facing hardship and crisis.