Open letter to parents and loved ones of UWG students

You may have read or heard about the recent crime activity on the UWG campus that has resulted in shared interest over campus safety. Many students and parents have expressed concern over the recent turn of events, and it is right to be concerned. This letter is intended to provide you with assurance and confidence that student safety and success are top priorities at UWG. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters safety and security as your daughter, son, or loved one works hard to achieve success.

Many reports of recent activity have been exaggerated, and I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with accurate information about these incidents and what your university is doing.

Both of the recent incidences (one on Homecoming weekend and one two weeks after) were strong armed robberies, not armed robberies. No weapons were used in the commission of the crimes. The victims were students and the perpetrators were non-students.

The perpetrators were uninvited during Homecoming activities the weekend of September 20th. They arrived on campus for an event and remained to attend an open party promoted on Twitter. The perpetrators committed their crimes between 3:00 am and approximately 4:30 am. All four were arrested that morning around 5:00 am and currently remain in the Carroll County Jail.

A strong armed robbery occurred Sunday night, October 5th, at approximately 11:15 pm. A student was walking alone on campus when approached by an individual coming from the other direction. They acknowledge each other but when they passed, the perpetrator turned and struck the student in the back of the head. The suspect took his cell phone and fled. The student reached out to friends who then called University Police. Officers responded to the scene but the suspect was nowhere to be found. The student was offered treatment but refused at the time.

We have not discovered any connection between the two incidents. While no campus is immune from crimes of this nature, incidents of this type are rare at UWG. We are extremely proud of our track record for safety and our award-winning police force. University Police have increased foot and ATV patrols in the center of campus where students walk from building to building.

There have been reports on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yik Yak, Instagram) of sexual assaults on campus. University officials are not aware of any crimes of this nature. The misinformation and fear created by social media outlets is disproportional to actual campus events. To combat this misinformation, and to help students feel safer and secure on campus, we recently sent a letter to all registered students (link to letter). I wanted to share this information so that you know what we are doing, and so you can talk with your student about ways to keep them safe on campus. We appreciate your help in this endeavor to keep UWG a safe place for student vibrancy, success and achievement.


Scot A. Lingrell, Ph. D.,
Vice President for Student Affairs
and Enrollment Management


Tom Mackel
Chief of Police
University Police Department