The search committee will be chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Andre Fortuné.

All inquiries and candidates will be held in confidence during the search. The search committee chair may provide general updates on the progress of the search, but other details will be carried out in strict confidence. Only those finalists invited for an on-campus visit and presentation will be publicly announced.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Andre Fortuné, Vice President for Student Affairs (Committee Chair)
  • Dr. Stuart Rayfield, Vice Chancellor for Leadership and Institutional Development (USG)
  • Dr. Ralitsa Akins, Vice Provost
  • Jason Carmichael, Director of Athletics
  • Dr. Jill Drake, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Brandy Barker, Executive Director of Creative Services
  • Rahmel Cowen, Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Ron Richards, Director of Internal Audit
  • Dr. Shanna Smith, Assistant Professor of College Student Affairs and Higher Education Administration
  • Dr. Matt Varga, Department Chair and Associate Professor, Higher Education Administration
  • Rodney Snider, Director of Human Resources Information System and Employee Services