The University of West Georgia Events Calendar is a centralized web calendar that promotes university events online. 

The calendar helps individuals find and choose events to attend and makes departmental event planning easier by providing a broad view of what’s happening on campus. It shows students, prospective students and the public just how many great things we have going on at UWG.

In addition to this main events calendar, we also have a Faculty & Staff Events Calendar. It provides information on trainings and meetings that are important for our employees. 

Please contact the Web Services team at for assistance with any event submission process.

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  • Submitting Events
  • Event Tips
  • Submitting Events

    Events listed on the University of West Georgia Main Events Calendar must be hosted or sponsored by UWG. These include, events hosted by one of its colleges, departments, programs, or events sponsored by a registered student organization.

    All employees can submit these campus-wide events through Active Calendar, our new calendar system. A representative from a student organization can submit an event through OrgSync. OrgSync automatically pushes approved events to then be approved in Active Calendar.

    Please submit your event at least 5 business days in advance to allow the Web Services team to complete the approval process for your event. In fact, we encourage you to submit events as far in advance as possible so that people have time to plan on attending.

    You will receive an email indicating that your event has been approved and posted. 

    Events listed on the Faculty & Staff Events Calendar should be for our employees only. These events include trainings, meetings, due dates, deadlines, etc.

    The room reservation request is NOT a part of your event submission. Please refer to facility reservation information to learn how to reserve a space for an event.

    If you need to change information associated with an event submitted through Active Calendar (additional information, time, location change), you can sign into Active Calendar and change it on your own. Your changes will go back to a queue for approval by the Web Services team.

    To submit an event through Active Calendar for the Main Events Calendarcreate an account and click on "Create an Event." A step-by-step user guide has been developed to guide you through the process.

    To submit an event through Active Calendar for the Faculty & Staff Events Calendar, create an account and select "Create an Event."

  • Event Tips
    • Keep your event name short, yet descriptive.
    • Have event summary concise and filled with information you wish to convey about your event.
    • Please refrain from excessive styling and use plain text whenever possible.
    • To help your event stand out, you may want to consider associating your event with at least one of the main categories (Campus Life, Sports, Arts, Alumni, Community, Faculty & Staff). Please refrain from associating your event with every category. Only choose two to three categories your event is associated with.
    • Images can be uploaded to an event, or added to the event from the Media Library. We require that all images are optimized for the web and appropriately sized. Please follow our Photography on the Web guidelines.