The WebCV application was built with ease-of-use in mind and provides the necessary tools for users across campus to update profile photos, contact information, office hours, biographies and more. Each individual profile can be built out to be as in-depth as you desire, and in most cases, it will eliminate the need for a faculty or staff member to maintain their own website.

Please use the guides on this page to guide you through the ins and outs of WebCV. 

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How to Change UWG Profile Information Using WebCV


  • What is WebCV
    What is WebCV

    WebCV, formerly Factools, is a UWG application that enables faculty and staff to update their UWG Profile Page information. Everything displayed on an individual profile page is done through the WebCV application. These items include:

    1. Your basic contact information (phone number, email address, social media, and office hours)
    2. Your curriculum vitae
    3. A biography about yourself
    4. Your UWG profile picture
    5. Degrees you have earned

    The below image is a prime example of a completely filled out profile. We highly encourage all UWG faculty and staff to be as thorough when filling out their profile page and have provided tutorials to make the process any easy one. 

    Completely filled out webcv staff profile

  • Logging into WebCV
    Logging into WebCV

    Logging into WebCV is quite simple. All you need to do is find one of the many WebCV links throughout the UWG website. It can be found in three different places:

    1. By doing a search for "WebCV" 
    2. Clicking on the red WebCV Login button at the top of this page
    3. Clicking on the last link under Application Portals on the Faculty and Staff page

    Once you click on the WebCV link, you will be presented with a login page, which looks like the below screenshot. Please use your standard UWG User ID, without the addition of, and password to log in. 

    If you cannot not log into WebCV, please contact ITS at

    UWG Login Page

  • Updating the Employee Directory
    Updating the Employee Directory

    This section of WebCV is used for creating and maintaining employee administrative information. It is divided into two major areas: Contact Information and Organizational Information. 

    Please note that updates to Organizational Information are only done by departmental admins. If you are a departmental admin and need to update information for all department members, please use the information farther below, Requesting Access for Editing Entire Departments (Administrative Assistants Only), as your guide.

    1. To update your employee directory, hover your mouse over myInfo in the top left corner of the WebCV application and click on myDirectory.

      MyInfo Tab
    2. Update and/or edit the fields in the Contact Information area. 

      Employee Directory
    3. Once done updating, click Submit in the bottom right corner.

      submit button
  • Updating Bio Information
    Updating Your Bio Information

    This section of WebCV allows you to update your profile photo, curriculum vitae, and social media links. If you or someone in your department is in need of a new profile photo, fill out the Request for UCM Services form

    Professional Profile: Used to enter profile information to be displayed on a profile page.
    Profile Photo: Used to upload the profile picture that is displayed on the employee’s profile page. It is recommended that image editing software be used prior to uploading for best results. Please see the WebCV Profile Photo guide for assistance. 
    Curriculum Vitae: Used to upload faculty or staff curriculum vitae. This document can be in PDF or Microsoft Word format; however, PDFs are recommended because they are locked for editing. 
    Social Media Links: Used to add any (or all) of the four social media types listed on this screen. When a social media address (link) is added in the appropriate field, a corresponding icon is populated on that person’s profile page.

      1. To update your bio information, hover your mouse over myInfo in the top left corner of the WebCV application and click on myBio.

      2. Update/edit the desired section. 

        my bio update page
      3. Click Submit in the bottom right corner of the screen.

        submit button
  • Updating Degree Information
    Updating Degree Information

    This section of WebCV allows the user to add their degree information to the campus profile. You can add the name, level, school, graduation year, and whether your degree is active or inactive. 

    1. To update your degree information, hover your mouse over myInfo in the top left corner of the WebCV application and click on myDegrees.

      mydegrees tab
    2. To add a degree, click on Add Degree in the top left of the screen. To edit a preexisting degree, click Edit Degree in the top left. 

      Add Degree Buttonedit degree button
    3. Add/edit this section and click Submit in the bottom right corner when done. 

      Submit Button
  • Requesting Access for Editing Entire Departments (Administrative Assistants Only)
    Requesting Access for Editing Entire Departments (Administrative Assistants Only)

    If you are a departmental administrator and wish to edit your entire department's profile information, please contact for this. This is also true for divisional departmental assistants wanting to edit profiles within their division. Once you have been granted access to your respective department or divisional faculty and staff list, follow the below steps. 

    1.  To update all faculty and/or staff members at a divisional or departmental level, hover over Admin and click on All Faculty and Staff. 

      all faculty and staff tab
    2.  You should now see a list of people in your department or division. Click on the Directory, Bio, or Degrees links to make changes. Use the above tutorials to do this. If you click View, you will see how your Profile looks on the website. 

      departmental list
    3. Once you hit submit to make a change to one of your Profile options (Directory, Bio, or Degrees) and wish to return to the departmental or divisional faculty/staff listing, click Return to Employee Listing in the middle of the webpage. 

      reutrn to employee listing