What is an Adult Learner (Non-Traditional Freshman)?

A non-traditional student must:

  1. Have graduated five or more years ago from high school (or your high school class must have graduated at least five years ago)
  2. Hold a high school diploma from an accredited or approved high school as specified in Section of this Policy Manual
    -OR- have satisfactorily completed the GED; and,
  3. (Non-traditional Freshman must) have earned fewer than 30 transferable semester college credit hours.

How to Apply as an Adult Learner (Non-Traditional Freshman):

Required Documents:
  • Final High School Transcript (showing a date of graduation) 
  • Official GED scores - if applicable
  • Official transcript from each college attended - if applicable
  • $40 non-refundable application fee (If mailing a paper application, please do not mail cash payment.)

How to Apply:

  • Click Apply Now.
  • If you already have an account or have started an application Sign In, otherwise click Create an Account.
  • When your account is created and you're signed in, click Apply Online in the top right or Start an Application below the Events section.
  • When your application is complete and the $40 fee is submitted, you may submit your supplemental items.
  • When we receive all of the above, your application will be assessed and you will be notified regarding acceptance status.

What happens after all documents arrive at the University?

After all documents arrive at the University, you will receive information regarding the COMPASS (Computer-adaptive college placement test). All non-traditional freshman (unless eligible for an exemption) are required to take the COMPASS prior to admission to UWG. Students must score a 74 on the COMPASS Reading, 60 on the COMPASS English/Writing, and/or 37 on the COMPASS Math exam to be admissible to University of West Georgia.

COMPASS Minimum Requirements
Compass Reading 74
Compass English/Writing 60
Compass Math 37
  • : Compass Reading
    : 74

  • : Compass English/Writing
    : 60

  • : Compass Math
    : 37