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What does "deferred" actually mean? A deferred applicant is an applicant who has submitted all required documents but needs to increase their test scores to be admitted.

Admissions Test Requirements

SAT (UWG Code: 5900) RSAT (UWG Code: 5900) ACT (UWG Code: 0878)
430 Critical Reading Test 24 Reading Test 17 English Test
410 Math Test 450 Math Test 17 Math Test
  • SAT (UWG Code: 5900): 430 Critical Reading Test
    RSAT (UWG Code: 5900): 24 Reading Test
    ACT (UWG Code: 0878): 17 English Test

  • SAT (UWG Code: 5900): 410 Math Test
    RSAT (UWG Code: 5900): 450 Math Test
    ACT (UWG Code: 0878): 17 Math Test

Concordance information can be found here: SAT and Redesigned SAT Concordance Table (Tables 3 and 5).

Institutional SAT

The Institutional SAT (ISAT) is administered each semester for the convenience of University of West Georgia applicants who, for whatever reason, either did not take a national SAT or need to retake the SAT in order to meet admission requirements.

Helpful Test Prep Links

We realize that not all students have strengths in test taking abilities. That is why we suggest you practice and become familiar with the SAT or ACT formats in order to be the most successful when you retest. Below are three helpful links to services offering test preparation.

  • SAT
  • Includes question of the day, sample practice questions, and practice tests.
  • ACT
  • Includes online test prep, the Real ACT Test Prep Guide, ACT Question of the Day, test tips, test descriptions, and sample questions.
  • KhanAcademy
  • Free test preparation including practice tests, short quizzes, interactive practice, and instant feedback.