What is an admissions appeal?

At UWG, we recognize that everyone has different academic strengths. We require students to meet our minimum requirements for admission, but we understand that some circumstances can make this difficult. That's what the appeals process is here for.

Any applicant for admission or readmission who has been denied has the right to appeal their decision. The undergraduate admissions appeal policy is designed to admit students who have a reasonable chance of success and who may profit from the educational program of the university. A student is considered for admission without regard to race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Appeals Process

How do I appeal my admission decision?

To appeal your admission decision, you will need to submit the following items by one of the deadlines outlined on this page. Deadlines, reviews and decisions will occur biweekly until the final semester deadline.

  • Student Support Essay: Tell us about you. Why are you are appealing? What will make you a successful student at UWG? You may include information about extenuating circumstances if you feel it is appropriate. This essay must be written by the applicant.
  • Letters of Support: You must submit at least two letters of support from school teachers, counselors, coaches, pastors, or any other personal references who can confirm your chance for success at UWG. Please do not include letters from immediate family members.

You may also provide any additional documents that you feel will help support your appeal.

Note: Appeal decisions are final. Please take your time carefully completing and submitting all required documents. If you have concerns about this decision process, you may contact your Admissions Representative for assistance or to discuss alternative options.

Submit your essay, letters, and any documentation here


Upcoming deadlines and timeline

Deadlines, reviews and decisions will occur biweekly until the final semester deadline.

Upcoming Appeal Dates    
Deadline to Submit AppealReview DateDecision Date
March 3March 6-9March 10
March 24March 27-30March 31
April 7April 10-13April 14
April 21April 24-27April 28
May 5May 8-11May 12
May 19**May 22-25**May 26**
July 21***July 24-27***July 28***

**This is the last appeal date for Summer 2023 applicants

***This is the last appeal date for Fall 2023 applicants

You may submit your appeal at any deadline prior to the final appeal date for your entry term.


Appeals team contacts

Questions about the appeal process? Feel free to contact our appeals coordinator.

Abby Adair: aadair@westga.edu