Discovery Sessions involving stakeholders both internal and external to the University of West Georgia have begun this month as part of the institution's strategic planning for the future.

Over the next month, members of the Strategic Planning Steering Team are meeting with faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, supporters, and other members of the UWG community to gain input from cohesive, far-reaching and collective voices to guide what the university will become.

The framework for the Discovery Sessions has been outlined by Dr. Brendan Kelly, UWG's president, and focuses on three pillars: Relevance, Competitiveness and Placemaking. Participants will share how each of these pillars are experienced by the UWG community currently – and how they can be experienced in the future.

In addition to the Discovery Sessions, UWG stakeholders will have an opportunity to respond to a survey to gather the broadest level of input possible. The resulting dataset from the Discovery Sessions and survey will be used to inform the next phase of the process completed by UWG leadership.

The strategic plan that will guide the institution over the next decade and beyond will launch in early 2021.