The Coliseum Event Space: The Arena

The Arena is an extremely versatile event space located on the lower level of The Coliseum.  If you have attended any event at The Coliseum, you have most likely seen or been on The Arena Floor.  Events such as UWG Basketball and Volleyball, High School Athletic competitions, concerts, lectures, Physical Education classes, and orientations have all taken part in this huge event space.  If you are interested in reserving The Arena and would like to learn a little more about the space, feel free to browse through our Arena Quick Reference or call The Coliseum Staff at 678-839-5105.  Also, to view the different types of standard configurations often used in The Arena, click through the different options in the tool below.

To initiate a reservation request for The Arena, please navigate to our Reservation Request Page to fill out our request form.


Please feel free to browse the different configurations of The Arena floor by selecting the buttons below!

360 Set Up180° Set UpOpen Set UpCenter Stage Set Up