Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Center for Student Involvement - Volunteer Programs at the University of West Georgia. CSI trains, educates, and develops the UWG community members to be effective, ethical and positively engaged leaders among the global community. As a community partner, you are the essential element for the success of our service programs. We seek to form relationships with community partners that provide direct, or capacity building, service opportunities to support student leadership training, education, and development, while focusing on social issues prevalent in society and the local area.

Here in CSI, we can assist in the following ways:

  • Post your one-time or recurring volunteer opportunity in our volunteer database seen by all current UWG students
  • Connect your agency and/or your volunteer needs with student organizations on campus through our Volunteer Ambassadors
  • Send teams of volunteers to your during our large-scale day of service, The BIG Event (takes place each spring in early April)
  • Provide free table space at our Community Involvement Fair to assist your in connecting directly with UWG students
    For more information, please contact Cait Oliver at

How to request volunteers

If you are seeking volunteers for an ongoing initiative, a multi-day event, or a one-time event please complete our online request form. Once we approve your event, it will be added to our OrgSync calendar which is available for all UWG faculty, staff, and students to see. We may also include it in our weekly volunteer e-mail.

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is an online database for the UWG community. After a community partner has registered, your organization’s description, volunteer opportunities and contact information will be available to all UWG faculty, staff and students to see. We encourage them to contact you directly.

Additional Information

If you need students to complete additional information please contact The Center for Student Involvement (CSI). This could include, but is not limited to applications, interviews, background checks, or pre-service waivers. If you would like to include a logo or flyer for an event please submit them to We cannot guarantee that we will find volunteers for your event, and the University does not offer liability coverage to our volunteers